What are the major symptoms of Depression?

In recent years, depression has gained much attention from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Not only are much research done to study the causes of depression but substantial development costs too have been heavily invested by pharmaceutical companies to produce effective drugs in combating this sickness. Depression is no longer a sickness suffered by people who go through traumatic experience; where the symptoms could be readily noticeable. Yet they are many people who are suffering from this sickness silently while fighting for a glimpse of hope to survive. Through this article, I want to share with you several symptoms of depression. We should no longer be ignorant about this sickness that is damaging the lives of many individuals and their families, while taking the precious lives of many others who could not escape the fatality of this sickness.


Depressed individuals are constantly flooded with suicidal thoughts.

Depressed individuals’ are constantly thinking about dying. They think that living is no longer worthwhile and by ending their lives, they can enter into the realm of eternal happiness. It often starts with a problem or a tragedy faced that is painful to go through. Such pain will lead to depressive thoughts which manifest itself in the form of self talk. This is when depressed individuals tell themselves statements such as: “No one cares about me”, “Life is too difficult to live on”, “Life is meaningless”, “I just want to end my life”, “I can’t live another day like this”, “I want to die” and so forth. If the stream of suicidal thoughts continues, some will begin to plan for their own death in great details such as method of death, time and venue of death. Some will also leave messages behind for their family and friends.

Depressed individuals are constantly feeling depress and sad.
All of us go through a full spectrum of feelings in different seasons of life; from excitement to boredom, from happiness to sadness, and from pleasure to pain. Depressed individuals, on the other hand, are constantly overwhelmed by feelings of sadness. Even when pleasant surprises and gifts are presented to them, they do not feel a tinge of happiness at all. As human emotions play an essential part in our everyday life, the negative feelings of depression can cause serious health problems in depressed individuals. Some commonly known illnesses are: headache, heart ache, stomach pain, body ache, insomnia and anemia.

Depressed individuals are constantly withdrawing themselves from others.   

Individuals suffering from depression do not want to burden others with their sickness. They will avoid meetings, gatherings or any events that allow them to meet with the people they know. This is because depressed individuals think that no one cares and understands their pain; hence, self withdrawal is the best form of self protection from predicted prejudice that could be directed at them. In more critical situations where depressed individuals plan for their own death, some understand the pain others may go through in coping with their death. At times, it will also create feeling of guilt. In reducing such guilt feeling, they will try to withdraw themselves from the people they love and by doing so, it eases the death process.    


If you know of anyone who is manifesting the above symptoms, please do not keep silent. You could be the only person who can help the depressed individual. There are many forms of depression treatment available today. Many who have received treatment are now living a normal, healthy and hopeful life again. But there are many others out there who are still drowning in the wide ocean of depression, swimming alone aimlessly, with diminishing hope and will to live, echoing the sound of death. If left unheard, their precious life will be taken away by the ferocious waves of depression. Please be a life savior to those you know who are suffering from depression.