Venezuela: The fear of AMERICA

Hugo Chaves of Venezuela is giving clear signs that can be a real nuisance for all of Latin America!


Sometimes when I put some more acid comment on this or that despot leader says that in some unfortunate nation, started the festival in protest of their embassies and insane that they are followers of these tyrants, this has happened with several nations that are worthy of punishment, including the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its owner, the Little Red Riding Hood Hugo Chávez.

Someone has had the opportunity to meet in Caracas last 10 years? I had! Before talking about anything, as in most South American countries, the Venezuelan people is very nice, loving, helpful, friendly, friend, finally, is a nation composed of mostly of people from evil and have always lived, so my comment about the dictator Chavez in has nothing to do with my affection for the people of Venezuela.

Speaking of Hugo Chávez is more loss of time, this is my opinion and does not reflect any emails or comments I have received, the commander who want to become Emperor "ad eternal," making Venezuela an absolutist empire able to history remember the times of his great golden age hero Simon Bolivar.

Reviving the story is also live it in some way, we can not forget that Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was proclaimed owner of Venezuela after self promoting political and democratic party doctrine, therefore DEMOCRATIC party. Attempted to seize power through a coup, since we know their condition MILITARY; in 1998 he was elected AFFIRMING that help POBREZA foreman of his country, saying he was reelected in 2000 need more time to get the people poverty, in 2006, after another coup involving the other Powers, acted very concerned and has remained in the Miraflores Palace by the time that only God knows how long for more.

The guy was getting the stick, sending a lock here and another there, bought a judge here, a member there, a senator there and giving the people bread and water, after the elected one of the TIME 100 most influential people of this world insane, Chavez seemed a hurricane of euphoria. If before I thought he was God, after its cover in Time he was sure.

Started to loot all the international companies based in Venezuela, including Petrobras, all linked directly to the company Venezuelan oil fell by a dramatic surgery, seeing that the press of the country began challenging their insane and criminal acts, he then turned against journalists , who spoke of King and Chavez, had employment and benefits, but who disagree ousasse, or was arrested or had their license canceled operation.

Well, this is THE DEMOCRATIC CHÁVEZ Venezuela, a political military hardliners who said the world that their country belongs to the past role, this time instead of freaked the blackcap, the subject and the same outbreak seen is chronic. Not satisfied with all the atrocities against the people already desferidas he doma and acting as Fidel Castro, Chavez now wants the Venezuelan press is their only and that there is only official vehicles and that they only disclose what he thinks important for its survival in Power.

Very popular among the most miserable (to make me compare him to other presidents of South America) and with a lot of money in the pocket of his oil, Chavez has been investing heavily in its image of guerrilla, or as he lets opinion, reincarnation Simon Bolivar's own, he first tried to buy justice, then invested in the purchase of the legislative and the executive sphere, dominating through personal purchases of police and soldiers of the army, the iron hand of President was surrounded infinite powers and now he is participating in a game where there is only one player, himself!

A popular television channel was closed without any plausible explanation, in the name of security and national sovereignty, (we have seen things like that around here the example of AI 5), three radios have also been closed and now 34 other radio and a TV channel are in the same process. The strategy is simple and I saw it in another way in Paraguay.

Near here, in Paraguay, land of the Bishop Lugo, if you visit with a different car (it happened to me when I was the Assumption), a cop any, interested in getting your car tells you to stop, he leaves his bike or car and say that you were talking to the mobile, after proving he was speaking, he says that then you had no seat belts and then to formalize that he will take your car is only a matter of time.

Not only happened to me the end of the story thanks to Mr Eugenio Rojas, a friend of President Lugo, but the second I heard, they take your car to the courtyard of the DETRAN PARAGUAY "and you apply a fine of 10 thousand dollars, you can not pay and therefore does not return to pick him up, leaving its assets to use them then with plate Paraguayan legalized.

Chavez did not escape this rule illegitimate and abject; vehicle of communication that need to renew its operating license (permit) will look at the roles the government to implement an additional period, when they fall in Miraflores know the rules have changed; friends to the rules changed for the better and the opposition may be asking something absurd like: only renew your license if your tataravô will ask in his name and do 1500 pushups, and point!

The electricity is all Venezuelan state after assault, did the same with all companies that work with oil and derivatives, transport came on the same line of journalists and the information from there, to food supply systems are already controlled by Chavez , only missing the "information" and is now succumbed to time.

The people of Venezuela is very poor, in Caracas slums and there are more houses that normally housed rats in other countries than simple condominiums, and public services in general are archaic and corruption is one of the means to earn a living in many departments in this country . The only thing that is cheap in Venezuela is the gasoline that drives a fleet of old cars, scrap, and wino.

All the money raised with the Venezuelan oil, Chavez applies in international donations to his friends that he or most miserable in the acquisition of military apparatus to threaten the rest of the world with its crazy. The Miraflores Palace is chock-full of money, but the people on the streets is hungry and still believes that Hugo Chávez will save them from chaos.

There's no denying the popularity of high military dictator, but everything began to change after approval of numerous laws that only favor it, the people began to wake from the nightmare disguised as a dream and when the streets protesting, Chávez had also curb the demonstrations ; to the international press just step on Venezuelan soil it is to speak well of the dictator, otherwise the visa can be denied or be arrested for illegal practice of the profession, but not their own press releases.

One of the major world critics of the United States, Chávez is not it to sell its oil to the Americans, because that is what gives financial mainstay. Venezuela is self-sufficient in the production of fuels and derivatives and all that on, and too, they sell the largest consumer of the planet, the United States of America. Indifferent these hours, one or the other has the prices and morbid, it is still profitable to sell their oil Chávez for Americans and yet to fall, run them in all directions.

With this hyper money in your pocket, thus further trocadinhos stealing some other nations such as Brazil and Spain, Chavez gave alms to Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina and other nations still small and insignificant as Guatemala, Libya, Iran and other of America and Central Africa.

Planting the seed in fucking illiterate nations and rebels by nature, Hugo Chávez to show a face of tough, man feared public, but the bottom is a "puppy" craven fear that the day you have to get out of Miraflores, is a coup , election or by death, most likely.

Some people say that their children not support this line of malignant govern nor their wives or their relatives, much less their ministers, all fear for their own lives, but also the Dazzle of Power and money, often too much power and money, the head of some people, they are worth more than the quiet and biography.

I do not know if I pity the 28 million Venezuelans, or if the maximum waggery regretting that each nation has the government it deserves ...

The sentence of the photo is a Venezuelan journalist who published an article whose title was: From Hell which he came?

Carlos Henrique Mascarenhas Pires