Tips to Help Students Prevent Laptop Disasters

With the influx of cheap laptops, more and more students are using them for their portability and convenience. However, what most students do not realize is the fact that protecting the data on their laptops can be as hard as protecting a million’s worth of property. A lot of students are being careless with the data that they keep in their computers as well as the laptops themselves. To prevent the integrity of their data, students should learn how to take good care of their laptops and when all else fails, never worry because data recovery is always a viable option.

Here are some tips for students to prevent laptop disasters:

  1. Realize that laptops are delicate machines. Because of its portability, laptops are carried around by students. Proper care should be observed when moving or transporting these gears because laptops cannot always survive unnecessary shock or impact and this could significantly hurt the data stored. Laptops should always be stored in a clean, dry and dust free environment.

  2. Invest on well padded laptop bags. There are a lot of back-pack laptop bags or briefcase type bags that are available in the market. Invest in one of them so that transporting laptops can be as hassle free as when you’re not bringing one. Special pads absorb impact and can help your laptop last longer.

  3. Don’t forget to back up your data regularly. This is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from losing your valuable data. Whenever possible, create a back up disk once a week and store it in a removable media like a DVD, CD or flash drives. You can also store your data online but you need to choose the site where enough security is provided for your files.

  4. Install a good and reliable anti-virus program. Viruses are often the cause of data loss and this is one of your greatest adversaries when it comes to protecting your files. It would always be wise to invest in a good and reliable antivirus program to protect your data from harmful viruses that may invade your computer. However, it’s not enough that you have the program installed as you also have to run the scan regularly, like once a week.

  5. When you suspect mechanical or electrical failure, do not attempt to use file recovery software. Doing so would only do further damage to whatever data is still recoverable in your disk. Bring your laptop to an expert and have it fixed immediately before trying to recover your data.   

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