Things all girls should keep in mind while getting into a relationship

Relationships are never complicated, people make it complicated themselves. Relationships are supposed to be beautiful and a peaceful relationship where a person can relax, trust.


Relationship is something where you are supposed to love your partner unconditional but nowadays there’s nothing such as unconditional love everyone expects something in return and if that’s the case with you too then sorry to say your relationship is useless.

Many girls make the relationship worst and complicated because of some obvious reasons. Being a possessive girl friend or partner is a good thing but don’t get over possessive. There are few things that are in girl’s mind and those are nothing but misconceptions. Girl! You need to know Full Essay Help UK few things before getting into a relationship then only you can make it work out. Here are those few things that every girl should know and understand:

  • Guys need space: being in a relationship is good, you get a companion for lifetime, you get a friend, a beautiful soulmate but don’t ruin it by thinking that the guy will give you all his time. They have their own family and their own friends, they need to socialize and spend some tine with family. Try being friends with his friends but also let him have a boys night out too so that he don’t feel too restricted. Have a trust and love relationship and go with the flow. Giving each other some space is a solution of many problems.
  • Don’t be over possessive: as a girl being possessive is totally normal, there’s nothing wrong and you should be possessive about your partner that’s what I call true love but there is a very slight line between being possessive and being mentally sick. Don’t be over possessive. Don’t act like your guy cannot talk to any other girl not even his female colleagues that’s wrong. Doing this will prove you as a mentally sick person and nothing else.
  • Do not inquire about each and everything: guys usually get irritated with unnecessary question. Avoid having unnecessary interrogation sessions with your guy especially if he came late from work or when he is tiered. Asking and being updated with his schedule is a good thing and the right one as well but don’t keep an eye on his each and every moment give him some breathing space and don’t ask every little thing as this may lead to frustrations and then that turns into fights.
  • Don’t expect a lot: no matter how much your guy loves you, no matter how much he cares for you and no matter what, don’t expect a lot from a man, any man! Expecting from your partner is a sign of trust but guys are guys expecting a lot from them will exhaust them and make them run away from their duties and responsibilities. All you have to do it not to expect a lot from you man.
  • Guys are different with wife/girlfriend: most of the divorces and break ups are caused due to the strong mindset of girls that the guy will remain the same after marriage. Guys are never same with their wives/girlfriends. As a friend they will be cool and very broad minded but once they get the hold of you like officially married then they consider you their forever property and then the process of restrictions and objections start. For many girls this becomes a shocking situation as this is something totally unexpected from. Keeping this point in mind will help you a lot in your relationship.
  • Try to understand their situation: men are not machines. They have heart, feelings and emotions, they get tiered too. “Don’t treat your man like a machine”. If they are stressed out or tiered help them out. If they have any problems in life specifically in their professional life ask them about it and try coming up with a solution. Before getting into a relationship you must try to be understanding and think selflessly.
  • Be a good listener: men love those girls who can listen to them. We all know that girls rant all the time but guys barely do that and this is a fact that cannot be denied. If men can listen to our rants so why can’t we listen to their problems? As a girl keep in mind that you will have to be a very good listener, listen to him, understand his situation and help him out.
  • Be mentally prepared for some cold emotions: some men are really cold and have no emotions at all, so if you can deal with such a man then make things official or else back out. Sometimes even the most caring and loving man can have no emotions due to several reasons but then again understanding part comes, you will have to understand that he is a human too and he might also had a rough day.

Author Bio: Richard John is a philanthropist and a great online relationship councilor. He have been in the counselor business since last ten years and is now running his own counseling firm in UK.