The Smart World of on-demand rides takes a New Twist

Today we are looking at the wonders of smart watches. Read on to see how the on-demand taxi app has been integrated into these miniature gadgets for human convenience.

Today we are looking at the wonders of smart watches. Read on to see how the on-demand taxi app has been integrated into these miniature gadgets for human convenience.


Technology is a wonderful thing. I remember when I was awed just by the sight of a standalone computer a lifetime ago. The internet was another thing I was dazzled by. I just could not imagine how I could find anything and everything on it. In those days to own a computer was a luxury. Only the elite class had one. As technology advanced, computers became a necessity with new inventions coming up every other day. The cumbersome personal computer became more compact, the floppy disks became a thing of the past and today we are talking about CD Roms and pen drives, and compact hard drives for storage. Operating systems evolved from MS-DOS to windows and now we are in the world of Android. Laptops and tablets came into the IT arena and then came the all time necessity, smartphones. Today we are looking at smart watches – technically oriented watches where you can do everything that you can do on your laptop or a smartphone.

In the same way, the software also evolved with time. Before we had websites and with the invention of smartphones came website mobile applications. These apps have evolved too with time and now we have apps that can be downloaded on our smart watches!


Uber is a popular brand for all over the world. Very well known for its various on-demand taxi and ride-sharing apps. Millions everywhere use the app as it is a very popular and unique concept for anyone wanted to travel from one destination to another at short notice. The app is very popular as people prefer Uber transport compared to local taxis, maybe because of the better experience and of course the all-important cost of the ride – all in all an on-demand ride offers more value for money. The app has also evolved with time – from being integrated into smartphones, then Facebook Messenger and now you can download it on your smart watch too!


The app works differently depending on the smart watch you have. i.e. Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear X2, Pebble Time, etc. However, the basics of the app remain the same, give or take a couple of operations.

1. When you tap on the app on your smartwatch, it will take you to a screen whereby you can select the type of ride you want i.e Uber X or whatever your preference is.

2. You will then be taken to the screen that will show you your current location.

3. The next screen allows you to input your destination address if you wish to.

4. You will then be able to view the location of your nearest driver

5. When you scroll further, you can see the name and the face of the driver, with his review ratings.

6. The follow on screen shows you the type of car that he has.

7. If all is good, then you just confirm and your ride will be with you at the time designated on the app.

Some smartwatches take you directly to the screen that will show you how far your nearest driver is. All you have to do is confirm and you will have your ride. No choosing the selection of ride. Once you tap on the first screen, it will show you your pick-up point, with an option to cancel it and opt for a different pickup point.
When you confirm your car, you can see its progress on your wrist until it gets to you. You will also be able to see the driver’s face and the vehicle he is driving.

Some watches give you a notification when your driver arrives.

The Apple Watch also remembers your last selected vehicle option as well as payment method. However, these settings can be changed using your iPhone.


This app is world-renowned and accessible everywhere. With your smart watch, you can access an on-demand taxi ride from anywhere in the world.

These days the many on-demand products have been customized to be accessed in the language of the country that they are launched this making it easy and convenient for localities to benefit from this wonderful app.


Such apps are going to get bigger and better with time and it would be foolhardy for an entrepreneur to think twice before making the decision to Buy Uber iPhone App Clone. I am not only talking about taxi rides. This app can be customized to any on-demand business venture you want to get into – be it of a fitness trainer or a dietician.