The Future Of Islam In Russia

Islam is the second religion in Russia. The number of Muslims in Russia increases everyday.
    A Russian friend told me that there is a legend in Russia about prince Vladimir. Russians were pegans. Prince Vladimir decided that Russians need a religion. He brought representatives of the different religions and listened to them. He thought that Islam is the best religion. But one thing happened. Islam forbids alcohol and prince Vladimir thought that Russians can't abandon alcohol. So he chose Christianity.
    We should ask ourselves some questions:

1- Was prince Vladimir right or wrong? Is alcohol good or bad?
    We know the disadvantages of alcohol. When a person is drunk, he doesn't know what he says and this may lead to many problems. Many car accidents happened because the drivers were drunk. Many diseases happen because of alcohol. The disadvantages of alcohol are many. So, was prince Vladimir right or wrong?

2- Can Russians convert to Islam? Can the nowadays Muslims convince Russians to convert to Islam?
    The Russians are stronger than Muslims. The normal rule is that the weak follows and imitates the strong. But I have the Tatars as an example against this rule. The Tatars conquered many Muslim countries. But the Tatars
converted to Islam and they now live in Russia and they are still Muslims.

    So, the main question remains:
Will Russians convert to Islam?

If we use the verb "hope", yes, I hope that Russians will convert to Islam.
If we use the word "possible", yes, it is possible.
If we use the verb "will", then my answer will be : " I don't know."