A humble attempt at a free wheeling translation
of @janboehm's poem:

Version 2 - mildly improved for flow ;-)


A silly bollocks, cowardly & repressed
that's how Erdogan the President is blessed

His presence fermented Pita Gyros scented
pig farts will leave you less demented

He is a man who beats on girls
while his rubber mask he eagerly unfurls

His favourite past time is goat molestation
as well as minority opression & castigation

Kicking Kurds, beating Christian citizens
while he's a kiddy porno watching denizen

In in the evenings instead of a good night's sleep
it's joyous fellatio with a hundred sheep

That's Erdogan - completly sick
a president with micro dick

Allover Turkey the news now falls
about this silly sowe's shriveled balls

From Ankara to Istanbul everybody can hear
that this man is a closet queer

Perverted, louse ridden and zoophile
Recep Fritzl Prikopil

His mind deflated like his single nut
he is the star in every gang bang hut

Until his burning pee drives him round the bend
on goes Recep Erdogan, Turkey's president!

Teh End


Criminal defamation and "insult" laws are often defended
as necessary to prevent alleged abuses of freedom of expression.
They are not, however, consistent with @OSCE norms
and their use constitutes an infringement
on the fundamental right to free speech.

The German Criminal Code punishes
insult in section 185
and defamation in section 187
which is contrary to international standards suggesting civil code.

It is also extremely doubtful that
the egos of heads of states need
more protection from verbal insult
than any other citizen in a free democracy.
Paragraph 103 of the German criminal code
and counter parts are extremely undemocratic.


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