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Although it has been about for a lot of centuries, "wild posting" could be the current rage for item offerings and events which have a need to have for an "in-your-face" style of promotion. You have got no doubt noticed wild postings as you walked via an urban area where building web site barricades are plastered using the dozens or even a huge selection of posters for a rock concert. Or, you might have seen numerous posters for the film "Spiderman" displayed around the side of a constructing. Yes, that is definitely wild posting.

For hundreds of years Guerilla advertising indicators along highways or on the side of buildings was a common way to promote. From time to time persons opposed it; you may know the expression "post no bills" which was typically observed around the side of buildings. I guess these posted indicators have been viewed as an early version of graffiti.


Recently, this technique has been utilized for technology goods including cell phones and higher speed internet solutions. AT&T posted banners for the "fastest web in town for $14.99 a month" on an overpass in downtown Los Angeles. Microsoft used wild posting for its MSN "butterfly" by using a "static-cling" style poster, which was easily removed and did not harm the surface where it was posted.

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Mainstream companies are turning to wild posting because it is inexpensive; all it requires is printing and minimum wage labor. Also, it is demographic-specific since you can pinpoint the exact city block exactly where you want the posting to go. For instance, you can post near a football stadium or an amphitheater exactly where folks walk by after a major sporting or music event. Wild posting works 24/7 or, at least, until someone takes it down or posts something on top of it.

Could it work for your business? If your customer walks a certain route or drives by a certain location frequently, it just may well.

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