Let Me Tell You the Way of Using Solar Pool Heating to Heat Your Pool?

You would probably want to know about the solar pool heating in Adelaide, this article can help you in the same and in a very effective manner.

Heating your swimming pool up to a level that it becomes warm enough to let to swim comfortably can end up increasing your energy bills massively. If you want to swim in enough warm water, inside your very own swimming pool and at the same time wants to save some money for yourself, by decreasing the energy bills, then the best solution that you can go with Using the Solar Pool Heating Adelaide.

How You Can Use it?

You can really easily install a solar pool heating system at your place and can enjoy your warm pool swim whenever you want to. Another benefit of solar pool heating is that it lasts for multiple years without demanding much from your side. It works similar to the home solar heating systems and can easily turn the immersive heat from the sun into something really helpful and useful. For installing a solar pool heating system, all that you need are some solar panels and a few pipes. And as the material required is as low as this, the maintenance and operation also become easy for you to do.

One typical solar pool heating system can offer enough heat to warm a garden swimming pool of any size and shape. All you have to take care of is to have sufficient flat panel solar collectors in your solar pool heating system.

Solar Pool HeatingBy using a solar pool heating system, you can easily increase your time being spent in your swimming pool. Usually, we get time to be in our swimming pool either in the morning or in the evening. But in the seasons of spring and autumn, the mornings and evenings are really cold to be in the normal pool water. Installing a solar pool heating system can increase the usage of your swimming pool in these months as well.

The type of solar heating systems can vary with different pool designs, with different locations and even with the amount of sunlight available in your geographical area, but the basic concept remains the same with all kinds of solar pool heating systems. Until now, what we have been using are the methods which are neither good for us financially nor for our environment. We all must have tried using the methods like – using an electric heater, using a gas heater, using a propane heater or to using the swimming pool cover to conserve the already present heat of the pool inside it, to warm the swimming pool water.

But now, the things have been changed and we can easily use the energy of the sun to heat our swimming pool water. This method is not only safe and saves energy and money for us but is also environmentally friendly, as we are using the natural source of energy, the sun, for this work to get done.

Heating the swimming pool water is relatively different from heating the water for bathing or showers. It is different because you don’t want the swimming pool water to get really hot, otherwise, it will become impossible for you to swim into it. What we are looking for out swimming pools is the heat that can easily make the swimming pools water temperature a bit higher than the temperature of normal water. While in the case of bathing, we need to heat up a very small amount of water up to a really high temperature. Here, in the case of swimming pools, the water body is large and the amount of water needed to get warm is more, but the temperature we are looking for is just around 5o C to 10o C higher than the temperature of normal water.

Solar Pool Heating AdelaideHow Solar Pool Heating System Works?

The working system of a solar pool heating system in Adelaide is not at all complicated. It just requires a very few things like – flat panel solar collectors, some tubing, a filter (this is optional) and a pump. Initially, the water of the swimming pool is circulated through the flat panel solar collector. It is usually mounted either on the roof or next to the swimming pool. These solar panels can be either glazed or can be unglazed. Now the water gets heated by the sun’s energy, which is actually absorbed by the water flowing through or over the flat panels, and then this heated water is returned back to the pool. In case, if you are using a filter, then it can help in removing the dirt and debris from the water just before it is pumped out of the solar collector. The filter can remove the dirt by using either plastic or copper tubes.

In the majority of the cases, because of the pool, which is serving as a storage tank itself, the requirement of a separate storage tank is not is not compulsory for the solar pool heating systems. In fact, in maximum cases, the filtration pump of the swimming pool can be used for circulating the pool's water through the filter and solar collectors. This makes it an active system with forced circulation of the heated pool water. In summer times or when the climate is hot, these solar collectors can also be used to cool the temperature of the swimming pools water. This can be done by circulating the swimming pool water around the whole system at night times. At nights, these solar panels will start behaving like the radiators instead of their natural behaviour of solar collectors. If you want to use this system in the colder months, then you are required to use the tools which have the anti-freezing properties.

There is a huge variety of solar pool collectors available these days in the markets. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The size of the solar collector that can suit your swimming pool in the best way can be determined by multiple factors like – size of the pool, the shape of the pool, the geographical area where you live, swimming season, your desired pool water temperature, wind conditions, etc. But the general rule that you need to follow with either of the above-mentioned factors is to have a solar pool heating system Adelaide which is about 50% to 80% of the surface area of your pool. Make sure it is the surface area of the pool and not the volume of the water.

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