Why do you need a Dedicated Smtp Server?

When you want to send 100K per day or 1 million or more emails per day, you can't use regular email marketing providers like Mailchimp, SendGrid, MailGun, etc ... In that case, you need to go with your own IP for a dedicated SMTP server and domain so you can easily relay large numbers of emails.




What is the SMTP Server?

Free SMTP is a server that allows you to send and receive an email with your own domain name. You can do multiple domains or IPs on the same SMTP mail server to suit your needs. To configure the Smtp email server you need to install the MTA agent software used to relay the email.

MTA Software:

  • Email
  • Send mail
  • Exim
  • Postfix
  • Powermta

e.t.c ...

How to send email using Smtp server

You need to make sure that your SMTP hosting server is properly configured, then you need to set up an SMTP user account on your server with a secure password. Then install email marketing software on the server like MailWiz, Interspire, etc ... Set your SMTP username and PW in your software and send the campaign.


Tips for Improving Your Delivery:


  • Set up spf, dkim, rDNS, dmarc correctly.
  • Don't try to spoof
  • Don't send spam words on your subjects like tests, sales, offers, discounts, coupon mark, etc ...
  • Don't send spam words to your email message.
  • Avoid sending bad links or blacklisted domain links in your email.
  • Avoid sending attachments (most email servers block attachments)
  • Avoid sending large images or too many links in emails.
  • Include unsubscribed links in the footer or header of your email.
  • Do not send high volume emails with cold domains and cold icons.
  • Always follow the CAN-SPAM rule when you send an email to a cold list.


Advantages of SMTP Server


If you send an email using your own SMTP server, then you do not have to pay a delivery cost per email to your ESP. You only pay a monthly service fee to your cheap SMTP service provider and that's it. So this main benefit is a cost-effective solution. Also, you send emails with your own domain and IPS so that the receivers recognize you and you have a branded solution for your email delivery. If you are able to get a setup feedback loop, you will complain directly to you to help you keep track of your campaigns and distribution reputation.

If you want to send bulk emails of promotional or transactional content, you need to set up your own What is SMTP server with multiple IPs and your domain. This helps you save money and send high volume emails at no extra cost.



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