Kazakhstan which is a transcontinental country of Asia is being the hottest point for medical education such as MBBS due to the varieties of the reasons. The very first reason or the factor is the affordability. Yes, you can afford the MBBS program at the fairly reasonable package in the comparison of the other countries.

Today in this article we are going to discuss the topic, that how pursuing the MBBS from Kazakhstan could be the best choice for you.



Why Study MBBS in Kazakhstan 

If you are an Asian country citizen then you probably don’t need the answer of this question, as the majority of the Asian countries citizens know that Kazakhstan is one of the best countries to pursue the MBBS course for the varieties of the reasons.

Here we are listing down the top notch reasons that why pursuing the MBBS from Kazakhstan could be a wise choice for you. 

  • If you are someone who is going through the fund crisis phase yet willing to pursue MBBS from the prominent medical colleges then Kazakhstan would be one of the top countries option lists in your consideration. Kazakhstan offers the MBBS program at very reasonable packages.
  • The majority of the medical colleges in Kazakhstan are recognized by the WHO, MCI, USMLE, IMED, and other medical authorities hence you don’t need to be worried about the scope of the MBBS from Kazakhstan.
  • The cost of living in Kazakhstan is comparatively lower than the majority of the other Asian countries.
  • The admission process of getting admission into the Kazakhstan medical college is also comparative easier and straightforward.


MBBS in Kazakhstan

If you are planning to pursue the MBBS program any time soon but is dealing with the constraints of the funds, then pursuing the MBBS from Kazakhstan could sort out the lack of funds aspect. Kazakhstan is known to deliver the world-class medical education specifically the MBBS at a very reasonable package and get you the best value of your money. The admission process in Kazakhstan is also very easier and doesn’t require full filling the hectic formalities, unlike many other countries.

Further, if we talk about the education standard of MBBS in Kazakhstan then the MBBS from Kazakhstan is recognized by the WHO, MCI and other medical regulatory bodies of different nations, hence you can start your practice in any country after pursuing the MBBS from Kazakhstan. 


MBBS in Kazakhstan Eligibility 

We know that each and every MBBS Colleges in the world have some kind of eligibility criteria which must be satisfied by the candidates in order to get the admission in the concerned medical college.

Similarly, you will see the MBBS in Kazakhstan Eligibility criteria which you need to consider and full fill before you seek admission in the Kazakhstan medical colleges. 

Here we are listing down the eligibility criteria of MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  • The candidate must have been passed the 10+2 exam with the subject of the physics chemistry and maths and must have secured a minimum of the 50% in the exam.
  • Candidate should also have passed the exam of NEET-UG in as the Kazakhstan medical university requires it. 
  • Candidate must be of the minimum age of the 17 years in order to get admission
  • Candidate should also have a valid passport. 


Fee of MBBS in Kazakhstan 

The fee of MBBS in Kazakhstan is the next sought aspect by the candidates who are planning to get admission into the Kazakhstan medical college. We know that Kazakhstan is one of those countries which are known for offering the MBBS with a quality of education at the economical package.

The averages fees of MBBS in Kazakhstan is around $3500 per year which varies from the one medical college to the other hence you are advised to check the medical college specific fees for MBBS in Kazakhstan. 



Scholarship for MBBS in Kazakhstan 

The scholarship is the monetary assistant which is made by the medical colleges or the government of the particular country to the student, who is pursuing the MBBS from Kazakhstan.

We know that MBBS is one such medical program which not only requires hard work but also the support of finance so that the students can afford the fees of the medical colleges. 

Keeping this aspect in mind the medical colleges of Kazakhstan in collaboration with the government provides the scholarship to the students who come from the financially weaker section.

You can read all the criteria of the concerned medical college in the context of the scholarship to become eligible for the Kazakhstan MBBS scholarship program.


Kazakhstan MBBS Entrance Exam 

When it comes to seeking the admission into any medical college for the MBBS program the majority of the medical colleges have the requirement of passing their entrance exam by the aspiring candidates.

Well, it is not the case with the Kazakhstan Medical colleges, as there are no criteria from the medical colleges of conducting the entrance exam. If you are an Indian student then you can directly take up the admission without any entrance exam, however, you just need to have qualified the NEET exam to be eligible for the direction admission scheme of the Kazakhstan medical colleges. 


Kazakhstan Medical college admission 2019

Well if you are planning to pursue MBBS in the coming year of 2019 then Kazakhstan medical college admission 2019 is about to open shortly. So, if you are interested in taking up the MBBS program from Kazakhstan, then you can check the eligibility criteria of getting the admission into the medical colleges of Kazakhstan, and then visit the medical college to full fill the further proceedings in the context of admission.


MBBS in Kazakhstan at lowest package 

We know that pursuing medical courses like MBBS requires one to have the open package pocket as it requires very high fees to complete this medical course. Kazakhstan is one such country from where you can pursue the MBBS at very reasonable prices and with the high quality of medical education.

Further, the cost of living and the tuition charges of MBBS in Kazakhstan are lower in the comparison of other countries; hence pursuing the MBBS from Kazakhstan could be the wise option for you.


Advantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan 

Well, there are several advantages of Studying the MBBS in Kazakhstan, and the major of those we are listing below. 

  • The very first and the foremost advantage is the cost factor yes in Kazakhstan you will be able to complete your MBBS at a very low package and with a quality of the education. 
  • The majority of the medical colleges in Kazakhstan are approved by the WHO and the other country’s medical authorities hence you will get the full recognition of the MBBS degree in any country.
  • There is no concept of the entrance exam by the Kazakhstan medical colleges hence you can take the direct admission into the MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Disadvantages of Studying the MBBS in Kazakhstan 

Just like the advantages of studying the MBBS in Kazakhstan, there are some disadvantages as well, and here below we are providing the few of them.

  • The first disadvantage is of the language yes in Kazakhstan you would have to learn to speak their native language in order to be able to communicate properly with the local patients and the other students.
  • Although there are the medical colleges in Kazakhstan which are recognized by the WHO yet you would not find a considerable range of the medical colleges in Kazakhstan to study the MBBS.
  • The medical infrastructure in Kazakhstan is not that advanced as you can find in other countries. 

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan 

MCI which stands for the medical council of India is the regulatory body which regulates the medical field or profession in India. Any doctor who wants to starts practicing as a doctor in India must satisfy the guidelines of the MCI, in order to start the doctor profession in the country.

If you are pursuing the MBBS from Kazakhstan then you must check it, that whether the concerned medical college is approved by the MCI, so that your medical degree can be valued in India.

Here is the list of MCI approved colleges in Kazakhstan, which are approved by the MCI. 


List of private medical colleges in Kazakhstan 

All the countries in the world have both the government and the private owned medical universities they both deliver the medical education to their students, but their quality of the education may differ.

Here is the list of private medical colleges in Kazakhstan which you can consider to pursue the medical courses. 

If you are planning to undertake the medical stream education then you need to know about all the available Kazakhstan Medical colleges, so that you can compare all of them together and choose the best one among them.

All the medical colleges in Kazakhstan are known for their quality standard of education along with the reasonable fees package, which can be accorded even by the middle-class medical courses aspirants.


Best MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan 

Every student who is willing to pursue the MBBS from Kazakhstan has a desire to take admission in the best medical colleges of Kazakhstan. Here we are suggesting you the few names of the best MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan that you can consider to pursue the MBBS from Kazakhstan.

Low-cost MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan 

There is the category of the students who can’t afford to pursue the MBBS program from the prominent country’s medical universities and this is the reason that those students choose Kazakhstan for their MBBS program.

They can afford their MBBS program from Kazakhstan with a quality of education standards. Here we are suggesting you the few medical colleges in the Kazakhstan which are known for their low cost MBBS program. 

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