Simple Measures of Getting Back with Your Ex Girlfriend

Chances are that you would like to find a simple method of winning back your girl friend. Fortunately, you can achieve this by taking just five steps.


Whatever it is that you are undertaking, chances are that you would like to find a simple method of doing it. The same is true with the challenging process of getting back your girlfriend. Fortunately, you can achieve this by taking just five steps. All that is required is dedication on your part to carry these steps and succeed in your efforts.

1.  Accept the truth

A break-up is a very painful experience, and people instinctively tend to deny such negative things. Just after your break-up, you may find it difficult to accept the fact that your relationship has indeed come to an end.

However, you need to come to terms with your break-up so that you can move on with your life. You should also let your ex girlfriend know that you have accepted the break-up. You may go a step further and let her know that it was really necessary to end the relationship. Since you will have concurred with her, she won't have anything to argue over.

2.  Give her a break

You will come out as a fake if you say that you accept the break-up yet keep bothering her with your presence. Just keep off her way all together. Do not try to keep communicating with her in some way, not even by texting.

This is the break that she wanted ... and it will work to your advantage.

By making yourself scarce, you will give your ex the opportunity to miss you. You will thus be preparing the way for a successful restoration of your relationship.

3.  Make proper use of your break-up period

As much as the end of your relationship is painful, you should not waste time mourning. Keep yourself busy.

First of all, you should use this time to review your broken relationship in order to determine the real source of problem. Take an honest and hard look at the situation, being very objective in the process.

4.  Apologize

Once you know the exact cause of the problem, you will be in a good position to offer a genuine apology. You need to be specific about what you are apologizing for.

By giving a heartfelt apology that does not point any fingers, you will have taken responsibility for your part in the problem. An apology is a great door opener to closed hearts.

5.  Take small measures at first

Once you have given your sincere apology, you will be ready to take steps towards re-building your relationship.

In order for you to minimize the resistance you will encounter, you should take little steps at a time. For instance, this is not the time to invite your ex girlfriend for a date.

These five steps will help when you try get back with your ex. In order to establish an even stronger relationship, you will need to have a very practical plan. Find out how using the unconventional method works like magic, the fact that thousands have benefitted when they visit The Magic of Making Up or