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Are you suffering from the problem of hair loss? Are you wondering how to get regain hair growth? Have you heard about scalp reduction treatment? It has emerged as one of the most preferred and popular treatments for hair loss. Given that it is counted among one of the most modern methods to treat the problem of hair loss.  As a matter of fact, it is an attractive way to solve the problem of hair loss. Before you choose to undergo the knife, it is suggested to find the right surgeon who can do a proper job.

There are several scalp reduction doctors in India whom you can count on for this surgery. Scalp reduction requires undergoing surgery. The bald spots are cut out and then the skin is pulled and stitched together. The bald spots comprise of hair follicles that are no longer producing hair.  This can be because of several conditions that trigger the problem of hair loss or baldness. When the bald spots have been completely rid of, there should be no area that is affected.When you choose an experienced and skilled surgeon then you can be assured of effective result. Your scalp will appear as natural as possible.

How to choose the right surgeon for this procedure given that there are so many options available? This is when you can run an online search and make a list of some of the renowned surgeon who has expertise in performing this surgery. Compare the ratings available online and choose the surgeon accordingly. Make sure that you compare fees, facilities and infrastructure before making any decision.  Only when you are satisfied with the research and homework done that you should make a decision. Ensure that the surgeon you choose is board-certified and do not compromise on the basis of the cost. Board-certified and experienced surgeon will not compromise on the quality by offering low cost treatment.

In some cases, advancement flap or scalp reduction surgery is performed as an alternative or along with hair transplantation procedure.  This surgical procedure involves removing a part of the bald scalp and then pulling the hairline forward for filling in a bald spot.  In case more hair is required, flap surgery or hair transplantation can be performed for covering the remaining area. 

When it comes to scalp reduction surgery cost in India, it is affordable. There are several doctors in India who have expertise in performing this surgery. India has emerged as one of the most popular countries for medical treatments. The cosmetic procedures performed here cost fraction of the cost in other countries of the world.  Here, you can be assured to get the best treatment at the most affordable cost that too without compromising the quality.