Unnatural AJ's Land



My idea was Mira's castle, so the one with the zios chair is the shop. It would sell the: Zios Chair, Minibook Stand, Mira Rug, and Mira Chandelier. Just click on the sign. Also when you come in the minibook shown will be covered by a box. If 3 jammers dance under the Mira Chandelier, Mira's spirit will come and open to box, revealing the Mira/blue heron minibook. Now outside, we begin on the path. One leads to the giant Mira, the other to the castle where there will be rooms like the shop, a place for jammers to trade and stuff. You may see the game icon, if you click it, it will be the game Phantom Runner from Play Wild, however if you reach a checkpoint, you'll get a mira spirit put into your animal/extra life. Cool, huh? If you go towards the mira statue your animal will go down a slide in front of the statue. If enough jammers play there, the crystals around Mira's statue will glow and shine and Mira's statue will "come to life" and dance with the jammers :)! Lastly I have how it'd look on the map, not much, the castle and the mountains. 


The first screenshot is my drawing of how it would look on the map. It would have a river, mira's statue, and the mountains surrounding, and of course the castle.


The second is the shop inside. It would sell the zios chair shown, the mira rug, the mira chandelier, and the book stand like the on in Temple of Zios! Also when you come in the minibook will be in a box, if 3 jammer dance.