Cryptidhunter723's Land


My new land is called Della Della Rivera. It features a large, beautiful river which jammers can frolic and have fun in. It is connected to Bahari Bay, and appondale. The journey book for this wonderful land includes a heron, the rare Della crab, a beautiful pink lotus flower, and of course the cattails. These are just some of the things to be discovered in this new land. In addition, Della Della Rivera includes the serenity outlet, where jammers can buy things like pretty evening dresses and the unreleased alpha staffs. The other store is the much awaited nature shop, which most people will love to add to their nature dens. You can buy flowers, a different version of nature archways, and much more.
       Another great thing about this land is the canoe rides. Hop in a canoe for 400 gems and get paddling down the river. Don't bump into anyone! There is a rumor that if 30 otters play in the river, Mira might pay a little visit! Speaking of canoes, in this land, river race returns! You cannot buy it, but people hoping to play this game can get their dose of fun here. The last thing in my land is the jammer advice box. Here jammers can ask a question, and other jammers can click on the box and see what questions are there to be answered,  and if they would like to, a notification through jam a gram will be sent to the person who asked the question with the answer. Della Della Rivera is jamtastic!


Della Della Rivera Map