River City Door Company


Columbus Georgia Garage Door Company Uses False Advertisement 


Thought I was calling the highly rated Overhead Door Co. of Columbus Ga because of their Google Ad, but by mistake dialed River City Door Company. Matt showed up promptly for a very rainy day. I needed a new opener which he quoted over $400 which was high compared to a quote I had gotten a number of years ago, but I let it slide because they were suppose to be the reputable company. Twenty minutes later he tells me I need a new spring and that is another $250. When he is done, I start to make out the check and he stops me and tells me that the check should be made out to River City Door. I told him I didn't call them and he said due to a large number of calls, they picked up the overflow. I have found this to be completely and totally false. He uses the brand names of other companies in his advertisement, and it is absolutely dishonest.
I will make a complaint to all agencies that I need to. I ultimately accept the blame for calling the wrong company due to the misleading ad, but I am concerned that the company is placing ads with other company names to begin with. This is absolutely a dishonest marketing practice. The only thing positive is the door is working and is quite quiet, and the repairman left his wire strippers.

Apparently I am not the first to have this issue with them