Why did Katy Perry & Justin Bieber embrace Islam? Here is what happened

Katy Perry: There are many religions in the world

Katy Perry: And, every religion says: (I am the only true religion, the only way for you to be saved & happy after death & the only way to paradise)l

Katy Perry: So, how can we know which religion is really the truth?l

Justin Bieber: By proof(s), true miracles and scientific evidence(s)l

Katy Perry: But, which religion has proof(s), living true real miracles and scientific evidence(s)?l

Justin Bieber: Sunni Islam is the only one

Katy Perry: How is that?l

Justin Bieber: For example, if you search YouTube for "scientific evidences for Sunni Islam", you will find many of them such as the following link


Katy Perry: WOW! What an amazing link?! I watched all of them without feeling the passage of time

Justin BieberThe previous link also proves that the Bible still has some divine parts which prophesized the coming of prophet Mohammad clearly by name in Hebrew despite the distortion which led to the contradictions between the current distorted Bible and many scientific facts.

Justin Bieber:You also must visit the best math, scientific & religious website in the world ever, the following amazing great website

Justin Bieber: When you click on (Other Languages)'s icon inside the following link, you will find out clearly how computers and math prove now that there is a hidden scientific complicated and extremely amazing (((mathematical structure))) inside the Holy Quran (Koran) which proves that the Koran is really the word of God, word by word. Because if we remove or add only one word or even one letter to the Koran, or from the original Quran (Koran) in the Arabic language, this great mathematical structure will be lost! Glory to Godhttp://www.islamnoon.com  

Katy Perry: WOW! This is really the greatest website ever. Thank you so much Justin Bieber. I want to be a Sunni Muslim too, NOW before I die

Justin Bieber: Massive congrats and welcome  :-). And, if any 1 lies to you by saying that Islam contradicts any scientific fact, make sure 1st that his info is really related to an authentic Islamic reference such as Quran by making your own research and make sure also that the translations you read are accurate enough then take (the key words of his lie + Islam) and search for them together here: http://scholar.google.com to find a trusted scientific reply to his lie and to see if the info he claimed is a scientific fact or only a scientific theory. And, to find the Islamic places around you, you may search here: http://www.islamicfinder.org. I have a very good news for you. Albert Einstein embraced Islam before he dies according to his friend Karl Jaspers in the minute 3:18 on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9bkjPdtr2o … 

Katy Perry: Wow! but, do I have to quit music or singing?l

Justin Bieber: No. There is an opinion says: yes. But, it is a weak opinion with no authentic Islamic evidence. By the way, Akon is a Sunni Muslim since he was a kid. Zayn Malik is a Sunni Muslim since he was a kid. Wiz Khalifa is also a Sunni Muslim since he was a kid

Katy Perry: Cool. How many Sunnis are there in the whole world?

Justin Bieber: About 90% in the Islamic world are Sunnis, 5% are Shia & 5% are other sects which means there are about 1.5 billion Sunnis

Katy Perry: WOW. But, what about Afghan Taliban? Do they consider themselves as the most pure practicing Sunni Muslims right now?l

Justin Bieber: Yes, they do. Please don't miss this linkhttp://justpaste.it/uu  

Katy Perry: WOW! I wanna jump so hard :-). This is an extremely awesome link

A friend: hahahahahahahahaha this is very cool :-) Now, both of you may listen to me carefully

(Pakistani) Taliban..etc attacked civilians. But (Afghan) Taliban doesn't attack innocent civilians because its leaders are Sunni scholars who know that attacking civilians (even if they are non-Muslims) is forbidden in Sunni Islam: Click here to see and click here to watch ;-)

Most of the 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims including most of the Pakistanis love Afghan Taliban so much while they both don't like (Pakistani) Taliban

"Fight for the religion of God those who fight you, but, do not transgress. Indeed. God does not like transgressors". The Holy Quran 2:190

Also notice that other verses about Jihad uses the linguistic root (the). In Arabic, using the root (the) specify the verdict to specific idolaters who fought against Islam and haven't repented. The verses do NOT say: (kill every idolater or every infidel)l

These verses prove that it is forbidden in Sunni Islam to use or even make weapons of mass destruction. And, that also prove that it is forbidden in Sunni Islam to use bombs, or heavy weapons randomly or against goals when there is a possibility of hurting other than those who fights against Sunni Islam or its Sharia Law


So, When Gorge W. Bush claimed that Osama bin Laden did (9/11) & asked Afghan Taliban to extradite bin Laden to him, Afghan Taliban said to Bush that he can send the evidence & lawyers to the court of Taliban to trial Osama bin Laden & punish him if he is guilty. But, Bush refused this fair reply of Taliban & decided to cause the killings & the injeries of many & many American solders & make a very big western & American economic crisis (which happened since the year 2008 until now) by declaring unfair war on Afghan Taliban, and on Iraq later on. When he declared war against Afghan Taliban, that resulted to make Sunni Muslims (who represent about 25% of the world consumers), their friends & many people around the world (i.e most of the consumers of the world) start a boycott against the western products since 2001 until now. I am sure the boycott will continue until the end of the war against Afghan Taliban, Sunni Islam & its Sharia Law, and until the Afghan Taliban rules Afghanistan completely by Sunni Islam Sharia Law. Until now, Bush doesn't provide evidence. That is why American citizens have: THESE

Despite all of that, some politicians still call Taliban terrorists & support launching attacks against Afghan Taliban & its leaders! Oppression

Afghan Taliban supports scientific and civilized progress and established in the 90s the 1st female faculty of medicine in the history of Afghanistan because Sunni Islam supports scientific and civilized progress as you can see on this short movie staring Sir Ben Kingsley: HERE

Islam is the religion of Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus & every Godly prophet. So, now, you can't be a true Jew or Christian without embracing Islam

God said to prophet Mohammad in the Holy Quran (35/24):

"We have sent you with the truth as a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And there was no nation but that there had passed within it a warner"

So, probably that all religions of the world were originally Islamic religions before the big distortions and corruptions happens to them

"And whoever desires other than Islam as religion, never will it be accepted from him & he in the Hereafter will be among the losers" Quran 3-85

To obtain salvation in the hereafter, be a practicing pious Sunni Muslim. God said in the Quran (19/72): "Then I save the ones who were pious and leave crouching behind in it (the hell fire) the oppressors of other creatures by doing evil and the oppressors of  themselves by doing sin".

The main differences between Sunnis, Shia and Sufis  

[Around 90% in the Islamic world are Sunnis, 5% are Shia & 5% are other sects which means there are about 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims. Sunnis worship the creator alone while Shia and Sufis worship some creatures & pray to them besides God such as Ali, Husayn ibn Ali & other dead relatives of prophet Mohammad! For example, they say: "Ya Ali madad" which means (Oh Ali grace & help us) etc. So, Shiites and Sufis are polytheists & conflict the basic teachings of God & His prophets. Therefor, Shia & Sufis are not Muslims according to the Holy Quran & Islam itself. The current governments of Iran, Iraq and Syria (the worst criminal terrorist in the modern times Bashar al-Assad who has killed, with his Kurdish YPG allies, around 400,000 people in 4 years so far, most of them are civilian Sunni children, women and elders according to the UN) are Shia governments although most of the people in this state are Sunnis. Also notice that Iran deceives & tricks the west and Russia (to use them serve Shia's hidden agenda to kill & control the whole world in the future) by pushing now the west and Russia to deplete them against Sunni Muslims and by pushing them to support Iran's Shia servants in the governments of Iraq and Syria etc. Sunni Islam loves Jesus as a great prophet and messenger from God while the Zionist criminal racist terrorist so called state of Israel hates Jesus and curses him! Another problem in the Islamic world is that most of the governments there are secular dictators claiming to be Sunni Muslims and supported by some western and eastern corrupt governments. That is why there are terrorism, many problems and many angry Sunni Muslims. Be careful, Sufis claim they are Sunnis and make up lies and lying books. To know the difference, most or all Sufis would write the name of prophet Mohammad in Arabic in front of you on the wall in the place of prayers or their "mosques" because they want you to bow down, kneel and pray to prophet Mohammad and worship him! Shia would write the name of Ali and others.]l

You may search YouTube for videos taken from a Shia TVs and the title of the video is: (Ya Ali Madad). Notice that (Ya Ali Madad) is a prayer to Ali and it means (Oh Ali: sustain, provide & help us) and notice that they didn't translate this part inside the following video to trick foreigners who don't know the false creeds of Shia. Also notice that Shia uses kids, art, songs and very nice voices to deceive people to polytheism as you can see on the following video here: 

Video thumb
 | 111,503 | 5-4-2016 l

And this is another one: 

Video thumb
 | 229,432 | 5-4-2016 l

Here is the leader of Sufis (Ali al-Jifri) praying to the grandson of the prophet (Husayn ibn Ali) by saying (Madad Ya Husayn) which means (Help & sustain us oh Husayn) form the second 46. Ali al-Jifri is the 1 wearing white here: 

Video thumb
 | 10,629 l

By the way, Ali & his son, Husayn, are Sunni Muslims. Shia & Sufis admit that Ali & Husayn never prayed or worshiped anyone other than God, the creator of everything. They also admit that Ali & Husayn respected the first Caliphs (the first 3 successors of prophet Mohammad). Husayn ibn Ali was oppressed & killed. And, the history says that he & some other great Sunnis were killed by some soldiers of Yazid who is considered by great ancient Sunni scholars, (such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani in his book Lisan al-Mizan 6/293 in the Arabic edtion), as a secular criminal dictator who claimed falsely he was a Sunni Muslim

What about ISIS & Al Qaeda?l

For the sake of peace and saving lifes of millions of innocent civilians, I think the best way to solve many huge problems is to start peace talks with ISIS through intermediaries to reach an agreement that ISIL stops for ever any terrorism acts because Sunni Islam forbids attacking innocent civilians. And, tell ISIS that if it agrees on that and stops attacking other states, then it can keep and rule, by the Shariah law, the Sunni towns and lands that it has now in Iraq & Syria. And become with Afghan Taliban a normal one recognized state in the UN if it stops the plans and the acts to gain more lands and if it forbids terrorism attacks and if it swear allegiance to Afghan Taliban to guarantee the righteous policy. And, in the mean time, since that Al Qaeda leader has sworn allegiance to the Afghan Taliban, I also suggest to start peace talks with Afghan Taliban through intermediaries to reach an agreement that Afghan Taliban rules the whole of Afghanistan, plus, the lands of ISIS, if it commands Al Qaeda to stop attacking other states and stop for ever any terrorism acts because Sunni Islam forbids attacking innocent civilians. And also if it commands all Al Qaeda members to leave other states freely and peacfully to join the lands of Afghan Taliban. And, if any person in the lands of Afghan Taliban violates the rules, he or she should be brought to trial in the courts of Afghan Taliban according to the Shariah law. To make the peace realy easy, it is strongly recommended to make so much pressure, such as boycott, on the Zionist so called state of Israel to stop all the bad behaviors against Islam & Muslims. I love to be a peacemaker and I hope that these suggetions help a lot

Free written & vocal copies of the Holy Quran

This: legacy.quran.com and: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AqZbRo_Rwc&list=PLL_dOsw0Sl0OBw5YH4W-nYAupn6cWwLNh are the best translations of the Holy Quran until now with fewer mistakes. A perfect translation is coming soon in few years & I'll tell you about its link soon, God willing. Don't miss reading the greatest book ever

To read and listen to the Holy Quran live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, click here: 

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For other languages: http://www.quran-hidayah.com/?gclid=CIj2pdH7sMwCFYu6GwodvesJeQ 

For many vocal (MP3) Qur'an translations including many in English: http://www.qurantranslations.net/mobile 

Although America wasn't known to the old world & prophet Mohammad; Quran describes accurately a place in the U.S

"Until when he reached the far west (N. America) he could see the sunset on a springy lake which has black mud & he found men thereabout"

This is my translation of a part of the Quran 18:86. It is clear to me that this verse is talking about Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming state in the U.S

When the verse told us that he could see the view of the sunset on that lake, that means the lake is large, not small. Because we can't see the  view of the sunset on small lakes. And, maybe that includes also that the view of the sunset there is unique & gorgeous as you can watch here

Extremely awesome important links

Sharia, the Sunni Islamic law, is a paradise in this life & the way to paradise in the hereafter. Click here to read some short proofs

The Guardian: The death of evolution & Atheism: http://justpaste.it/Theory 

To see new amazing miracles on Pluto for Sunni Islam, click here: http://justpaste.it/zn 

Dear readers, if these facts guided you to the truth and led you to embrace Sunni Islam, please tell me here: http://ask.fm/NSASJB