How long to put the courier without the new coronavirus general how to receive the courier to be saf


Courier generally infected with the new crown virus, it takes a few days to dissipate itself, so we need to disinfect with alcohol when taking the courier Rapid antigen self test. So, how to generally receive courier to be safe?

How long to put the courier without the new coronavirus

A few hours to a few days.

If the new coronavirus stays on the surface of the courier, can survive a few hours to a few days, because the new coronavirus in the environment in the survival time of individual differences, specifically and the smoothness of the surface of the courier, temperature, humidity and other factors, if the surface of the rough object and high temperature, sun exposure, the new coronavirus is relatively unsuitable for survival, if it is on the courier, the survival time will also be shortened .

Part of the cold chain express because of the object surface temperature is low, so the new coronavirus survival time is longer, at this time will be relatively easier to spread through the express; so, in the process of express transport need to do a good job of disinfection and other related measures to reduce the possibility of disease transmission.

General how to receive courier to be safe

1, general courier

As far as possible, put the express in the designated place, or temporarily exist in the express cabinet or post, and then pick up their own, express cabinet pick up as far as possible using the scanning two-dimensional code contactless way; if the parcels need to be signed for in person cash on delivery, you need to wear a good mask and disposable gloves in advance (also can be a layer of paper towels), try to maintain a safe distance of more than 1 meter, bring your own signature pen to sign for.

2, domestic low-risk areas of the courier

Before taking the package, wear a good mask and gloves, stagger the pickup, while the outer packaging should be discarded before going home, try not to take the outer packaging home; the whole process to avoid touching the mouth, eyes, nose, after taking the courier, hands should be washed with hand sanitizer (soap) under running water, or disinfected with rapid hand disinfection.

3„ÄĀParcels from overseas or domestic medium and high-risk areas

To wear a good mask and gloves, disinfect the inside and outside surfaces of the package with 75% alcohol or 84 disinfectant, you can also put it on the balcony and other outdoor open places for a few days before opening, and the contents of the package also need to be disinfected, discard the outer packaging before going home, avoid touching the mouth, eyes and nose with your hands throughout the process, after picking up the courier, wash your hands with hand sanitizer (soap) under running water or use fast hand disinfection. Disinfection.

Can the new coronavirus be transmitted through the courier package?


New coronavirus main transmission channels are droplet transmission, aerosol transmission and contact transmission, etc. If the droplets containing the new coronavirus attached to the surface of the courier package, the courier may become a mobile source of infection, in the packaging, transportation, pickup process, may be transmitted through contact with infected healthy people.

So in the courier transportation, pick-up process as far as possible to choose no contact touch, so as to reduce the risk of transmission of the new coronavirus, if in the courier packaging, transportation process are effective disinfection sterilization, then the courier parcels in the transport process of infection of people less likely, single best not to mail-order any goods from countries or regions with high risk of epidemic outside the country to domestic, so as to minimize the spread of the epidemic Risk.


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