Operation Rapture

As if the End of the World Were Really Coming

by Tom Zurinskas  5-29-11


Setting – Joe’s house.  He is mowing his lawn.

A voice that sounds like his own says: “This is God speaking.  It is now sundown.  The world will end come sundown tomorrow.  Prepare.” The message stops.  Joe pauses, goes on mowing


Setting – Many people walking on a city street.

They hear the same message.  Some stop while it is given.  Then they all look at each other.  Many take out cell phones and start calling.  Some start running.  Traffic stops and horns blow impatiently.


Setting – TV studio

In a live interview the MC stops as if listening to something.  Then the MC says “what is  that.”  (The MC adjusts earpiece. as he listens to the message.)  He says “Did everybody hear that?”  His guest says” I did. It was me saying the end of the world is coming.  That’s a good one.  How’d you do that?” 

The MC says “I don’t know.  I thought it was me talking”  He turns to staff.  “Was that broadcast over the air?”  Studio workers say, “No we all heard it but it’s not on playback.  It was like our own voices in our heads.”


Setting – Joe’s house.

Joe’s wife, Gina, comes out and says, “Honey, the damnedest thing happened.  I was watching TV and heard a voice that said the world was ending at sundown tomorrow.  It sounded like my own voice.  I couldn’t tell where it was from.  And incredibly the people I was watching on TV said they heard it too.” 

Joe says.  “I heard it too as I was mowing the lawn, like I was talking to myself.  This is giving me the creeps.”  Let me know if there’s anything more on it on TV.”  Joe keeps on mowing.  Gina goes back inside and turns on the TV.


Setting – TV studio

The MC says “Are you ready for this.  Here’s the scoop on the strange message that happened just recently.  Everyone on the East coast of theUSAheard the message at dusk, at the same time along the same longitude. (Shows graphic).  It said: “The end of the world will come at sundown tomorrow.  The speaker identified himself or herself as God, with either a feminine or masculine voice depending on the sex of the listener.  For women it’s a feminine voice and for men it’s masculine.  And the voice, saying that it is God, sounds almost as though one’s own voice were speaking,   

If you’re on the East cost let us know if you have or have not heard the warning.  The warning says that tomorrow at sundown the end of the world is coming.  The message seems to be moving west given at sunset.  Those of you west of here should give a listen for the personal message from God.  We are trying to find out how this is happening.


Setting – TV stations.  Various stations report receiving the message as sundown passes.  They note that all locations are on the same longitude at dusk.

Quebec– See reactions of folks getting the message in French

Brazil– See reactions of folks getting the message in Portuguese

Haiti– See reactions of folks getting the message in Creole


Setting – Gina on the phone calling daughter Grace

“Grace, did you hear God’s message”?

“Yes (crying).  I was about to call you.  It was like me talking to me.  Sounds like this could be it, mom, the end.  We should get together tomorrow.  Did you call Cindy?”

“No I’m trying to call her inChicago.   She should hear the message soon.  I wonder if she knows about all this?  I can’t reach her.  The phone lines are tied up”

Gina looks at the TV.


Setting – TV studio

The newscaster says “Incredibly, sources say that God’s message is being giving at sundown as the world turns from East to West.  The first folks to get the message in theUSwere along the exact longitude of NY City along with other countries north and south of New Your, such asQuebec,Braziland other places.  Everyone is hearing the warning in turn at dusk as the world turns.  It’s worldwide, and in the language and gender of the beholder.  Some say it’s in the beholder’s own voice.  Governments are looking into this.  No one knows how this is being done.  Could it really be true?  Could it be a message from God?  Is this the end of days, and are we all to die at sunset tomorrow?”


“If it is true, it means that the believers have 24 hours to do what the message says, prepare.  No one knows what that really means.  No one knows how the end will come.  Astronomers are being consulted but see no sign of threatening comets or asteroids.  There is no way to explain this type of sequential annihilation as dusk falls tomorrow.  All we know is that the first to perish will be the first to have gotten the message - along the longitudinal line of NY City.  They will be the first to go.  Please pray everybody.”


Setting – Joe’s house

Gina is calling her youngest daughter who lives inChicago.  “Hi Cindy, did you hear about God’s message?

“No, who is God talking to this time?

“Everybody is hearing it directly at sundown.  The voice says it’s from God but it sounds like your own voice talking from inside your head.  The message is supposed to come right about now because it’s sundown right about now inChicago, where you are..  (pause)  Cindy?  Cindy?”

“Oh my God!  It happened just as you said.  The voice sounded like me talking.  It said we’ve got until sundown then the world ends – we all die.  But it didn’t say how.”

“Turn on the TV.  They are trying to find out.”

“God said prepare.  What should we do?”


Setting TV studio

Newscaster – “Churches are filling up as folks are praying to God towards their final days.  The President has declared a state of emergency and for military to be on the alert.  He has declared tomorrow to be a workers holiday.  All non-essential government employees have the day off as well.  People on the street don’t know what to make of this.  The actions of the President make it seem real.  The President said that he heard the voice too, and is trying to get at the root of it.”


Street Interview – Newscaster says: “What do you think?” 

Answer – “I heard it.  I heard God.  It’s a miracle.  But I’m ready to go.  Come get me Lord.  I am ready to come to God and live happily forever in heaven.  No more suffering.  No more veil of tears.  This is deliverance.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, Jesus.”

Answer – “I’m going to get drunk so I can say I’m so drunk I’m hearing voices, even if it is after the fact.”

Answer – “Something’s going on here.  This is crazy.  How can the earth get wiped out from east to west like a big windshield wiper wiping us out at over it a 1,000 miles per hour from pole to pole?  Something’s up.  I don’t know what it is, but the experts need to find it out.  It’s some kind of computer virus.”


Setting - Joe’s house.

Gina says to Joe, “Why don’t we go toChicagoand be with Cindy.   If we do that we might delay Armageddon for an hour.  Or for that matter all if all of us go toOregonto see Grace, it would delay sunset 3 hours.  Or for that matter fly to the North or South Pole, where sunset is put off for months.  I wonder if folks are doing that.  I’m still trying to get through to Grace on the phone or internet.  Everything’s overloaded.”


Setting – TV studio

Newscaster – The president of theUShas sent aircraft to the North Pole complete with housing materials to set up accommodations for heads of state to live because the sun won’t set there for many months.  The president and congressmen inWashingtonhave heard God’s warning today and are trying to avoid sunset so they can run the country, even if from the polar caps.  The president has invited all heads of state to come along via there own transportation.”


“Meanwhile communications across the nation are becoming overloaded and failing as people try to communicate with loved ones regarding what to do about God’s message.  People are abandoning key job sites to be with family.  All major highways are fully congested.  It is total chaos.”


Setting - Joe’s house.

Joe – “That’s a good idea let’s fly to the west coast and be together as a family for sunset at Graces.  I just can’t get through to book a flight.  Maybe if we just go to the airport we might get lucky.” 


Setting - TV News

Newscaster – “TV news reports that all airlines travel seats are booked with many flights cancelled for lack of airline personnel who are abandoning job duties.  So if you plan on going somewhere to face the rapture – that’s what some are calling it – the airlines will tell you that all flights are booked. 


“Churches report that they are presently fully occupied and to stay away.  There is no room.  The pope has reported that all Catholics can make a good act of contrition for forgiveness of their sins because all priests are overloaded at confessionals.”


“And now this newscaster is leaving this desk to be with his family.  God bless you all and may we all meet again in heaven.  To my wife and kids I love you and I’m coming home. AmericaI love you.”


Setting – Another TV news station

Newscaster – The message from God has come to us, yet it’s our own voice that speaks.  Is this message saying a real truth without expressly saying it?  Is it saying that God is in us all, and it is ourselves?  If so in this final day we realize our own nature.  Why should there be war instead of sharing?  Why jealousy and hate if Godliness is ourselves to keep us from that?  I’m prepared.  I’m at peace.  The message is clear.  God made us responsible.  God is our own conscience.  It’s as pure as that.  I’ll go to my loved ones now and share a final day with God in my heart. 


Setting - CIA Headquarters.

General Ralph to his staff - “We’re calling it “Operation Rapture”.  I want to know who is doing this.  And if it IS God I want to know how we can talk him or her, whatever, out of it.  Meanwhile figure out how soon the President and family and congress people must  depart for the North Pole to beat sunset.  Send aircraft there with housing, provisions, and communications chop chop.  We need to build a small city there to cover all invitations.  Perhaps if they escape sunset, they’ll survive.  It’s a chance.  Most likely not, as it looks like the rapture will sweep the earth along longitude lines, but you never know.”


Setting – TV News studio

Newscaster 2 – “The big news is all about “The Rapture”, God’s message that the end of the world comes at sunset.  For now the message has been heard in theAmericas, but the rest of the world is not being skeptical.  They await the word as sunset comes around to them.


Setting - on the street. 

English man “Have they gone all daft?  At any rate if it really happens, it will start over in theAmerica’s first so we’ll see if it’s real.  Here’s a thought on how to escape.  What if a person inEnglandbefore getting the message goes toAmericawhere the message has already been given?  Thus he will not get the message, and thus not be wiped out because they were not forewarned 24 hours in advance?   But would that be smart?  You can’t trick God can you?  And if Armageddon does happen to others, it would mean God is real, and you wouldn’t want to be on his or her bad side as a dodger would you?”


Setting – CIA Headquarters.

A member of staff to General Ralph - “Sir there’s a person from the Human Factors wing that says he has a possible answer to the rapture message problem.  He says it could be global brain waves.  He wants to talk to you.  His name is Jim Span. He’s here”

General Ralph – “Great, great.  Send him in.  So Span what’s this I hear about global brain waves.”

Span – “When I heard the message myself, it appeared to be in my own voice.  I understand that everyone who hears it says it’s their own voice.  This reminds me of an experiment I participated in 9 years ago that used microwave frequencies to alter alpha waves in subject’s brains to give the sensation of hearing speech.  It worked.  The speech you heard was your own voice.  So I’m thinking that someone might have developed a way of creating a message that could be globally broadcast.”

General Ralph – “That’s got to be it.  Either that’s it or it’s God for real.  Let’s just say I’d rather it be the brain waves.  So who were these people doing those experiments?  Get me in touch with them.”

Jim Span – “I’ve tried but can’t reach them because the phones and email are tied up, I couldn’t even reach you.  But if you can break through the clogged lines we can talk.  The chief scientist’s name is Dr. Felster at theUniversityofCanada.”


Setting – TV News

TV Newscaster – There are candlelight vigils all over theUSAtonight as the message reachesRussiaandNew Zealand.  People all over the world are getting God’s message at sunset that the end of the world will come in 24 hours at the next sunset.  The annihilation will come starting at the longitude of NY City in 15 hours. Many people from west of NY City are moving east of NY City hoping to gain a day.  Religious clerics all over the world are heralding the event of God’s forthcoming eternal rewards, and people are preparing for their final days.”


Setting – various sites around the world

Priest – “God’s word has become real.  Repent and head God’s word.”

Rabbi – “This is just like God’s word onMount Sinai.  He speaks.  We obey.”

Minister – “Jesus said he would come back, and now he will to judge the living and the dead.”

Mullah – “God is great.  We are his servants.”


Setting – CIA

General Ralph (on phone), “Yes Mr. President.  The air force 1 is loaded for the North Pole.  We need to send you up 5 hours before Rapture time, which is8:00 pminWashingtonDC.  So you must leave the ground at3:00 pmto avoid seeing sunset.  Please prepare for that.  Mind you there is no assurance that you can avoid rapture, because if God is basically acting on longitudes, when the sunset hits each longitude the annihilation will start.  But if you’re up at the North Pole we can work a way to circle around the North Pole and stay ahead of sunset longitude as well.   We’re working on it sir.  All my best to your family.  Thanks sir.”…(He turns to Span)..“Span did you trace down that speech machine yet”


Span “We contacted Dr. Felster and he says he stopped work on the project 9 years ago.  He says he’s heard God’s message as well and thought it sounded a lot like what his speech machine could do to a limited extent.  The way it worked, the machine would send microwaves of speech to the language part of the brain, so the persons receiving it would hear speech in their own language and own voice.   But Felster can’t figure out how brain waves could be sent over so great an area and be so powerful.


General Ralph.  There is only one possible way I can think of.  Find out if there is anyone that Dr. Felster worked with that could carry on his work in a big way.  It’s our only hope.


Setting – the Pope at theVatican

A different message from God comes to the Pope and all along the longitude.  “This is God speaking.  It is sundown.  The world will end come sundown tomorrowBut I will save the world if leaders agree to reject war and terror and to protect peace along all present borders forever.  This is your final warning.” 


The Pope – “Did you hear God’s word?  Yes.  We have heard God’s word.  Can we be worthy of Him?  He will save us if we can merit saving.  Please, leaders of the world, come together and promise peace, stability and no more terrorist acts.”


Setting TV News

Newscaster.   “Wonderful news.  God has spoken at sunset along the longitude north and south of The Vatican that we can save ourselves if our leaders declare peace along present borders and all would cease terror attacks.  Call your legislators right away and tell them the news.  We are saved if they act.”


Setting CIA

General Ralph  - “Span, did you find out if anyone is continuing to use that inside-your-head  brain speech machine of Felcher’s.”

Span  -  “Yes sir.  It could be only one person.  Vlad Pearson, who is now living inRussia.  Dr. Felster said Vlad was his assistant and is the one most knowledgeable.   He is Russian/American.  He went toRussiawith the knowledge of the machine and how it works.  He would have to modify tremendously to make it work globally.  It seems impossible.” 


General Ralph – “That’s it.  That’s it.  That’s it.  Span, what I’m going to tell you is something you are not to repeat to anyone ever or I will have to kill you.  Got it?” 

“OK, got it.  Why don’t you kill me first, there’s only a day left anyway.”

“OK. Here it is.  If a brain speech machine exists, there is only on way it could work.  It would have to be in a satellite: And not just any satellite, but one circling the earth along the equator at exactly 1,000 miles per hour along the equator.  This would enable it to go around the earth in one day and it could be linked to sunset as it goes acress the earth.”

“And did you find a satellite that does this!”

“Yes we did.  And it’s a Russian satellite, and, interestingly, a communications satellite.”

“So the orbit of that satellite corresponds with the moving locations of God’s messages?”

“Exactly.  And you might be interested in this.  I remember you were talking about alpha waves in the brain.  Well the pentagon has been interested in the fact that the satellite has been putting out alpha waves.  Not microwaves but alpha waves which are short enough wavelengths to penetrate the brain at the same frequency as those alpha brain waves you were talking about.  How’s that grab you?”

“I’ll be damned.  Vlad Pearson has been playing God.  He’s been broadcasting the message from the satellite.  How’s he get the power?”

“The satellite has big solar wings for power.  They always point at the sun because the satellite is always in the same orientation toward the sun.  But did you hear the latest?

God is good.  Did you here about God’s latest message?”

“God spoke again?  I didn’t hear it.”

“You and I didn’t hear it because the satellite is overAfricabut at a longitude consistent with theVatican.  The Pope heard it.  It’s an upgraded message.  God said that he’ll put off the end of the world if the leaders meet to end war and all people agree to end terrorism.  How about that!  God says stop the murder and if we don’t he’ll kill us all.  Amen.  But here’s what you and I know.  God’s not gonna kill anybody.  God is Vlad Pearson pulling off a stunt.  He’s trying to scare the world into peace and harmony.  Can you believe it?  So, I’ve notified Congress and the president that they don’t need to go to the North Pole after all.  Do you have any idea how much trouble this has caused.”


Setting - Various people

German – “God will give us peace at last.  The message came throughGermanyfirst. Germanyis the right place to announce that.”

Iranian – “Why did God not announce his peace plan here.  We heard only about the end of the world.  Why should we believe anything else?  We know what we heard.”

English – “That’s a tough bargain.  Agree on peace?  Prepare for the end?”  Peace or die?


Setting – TV News

Newscaster – “People are rallying at the news that God will spare us.  Our leaders are uniting in peace to recognize present borders and ban terrorism.  Our president is in touch with world leaders to join in such a proposition.  He’s been steadfast praying to God for our future.  Redemption is at hand!  Please stay off the telephone to unclog the lines so important calls can be made.”


Setting - Various congress people

“I have prayed to God and he has heard our prayer.  God blessAmerica.”

“The wrath of God has been spared because of the leadership ofAmerica.”

“God has spoken.  Our party is the party of God.


Setting - Religious people

“Sooner or later God you will take us.  Thank you for guiding the way.”

“God will come to judge us.  He has spoken”

“God is not male or female.  God speaks in our voice.  We are God.”


Setting - Joe’s house.

Gina –   “honey we’re going to make it through.  God’s going to let us live.  I know it.  The world leaders are getting together on the case.  But you know, if we don’t make it through it would be a nice way to go.  We would be together, in heaven together.  I don’t feel I ever felt so much love than now.  I see our spirit now, more than just us.  You wanted to be with me and I with you during the rapture.  We would never have known this unless God let us know.”


Setting – CIA

General Ralph (on phone) – “Get me the Russian satellite guy, Dimitri Yokov, please.  Dimitri what the hell are you doing over there?”

“You figured it out, Ralph.  Good work.  I wondered if you would.  Actually, we just figured it out too.  I was going to call.  It’s your fault.”

“Our fault!  You’re the ones with the satellite and the alpha waves.  What the hell are you doing?  You can’t possibly blame us.”

“It’s the American, Vlad Pearson.  We trusted him to work on the communications satellite because he’s a Russian citizen as well as American.  Well he secretly put an alpha wave speech machine in there.  We thought it was for cell phone links.  Was this your plan all along?”

“Hell it wasn’t us.  We had the president ready to run to the North Pole to avoid sunset.”

“Ha ha.  That’s a good one.  We thought the South Pole would be better.”

“So you’re saying this guy Vlad Pearson conned you and the world?.”

“Yes.  Apparently he conned us all if what you say is true.  He’s in jail now and we’re keeping it all hushed up.  But think of this: He may have done a good thing.  If it gets peace started, it’s not such a bad deal.  Our president Nicholas is not too upset now. Russiacould use some religious revival.  It’s good for the spirit and business too”

“So I guess the game plan from this point is to keep the secret and continue to make international agreements on borders peace and anti-terrorism drawn up and God (Vlad) will come back into our heads and say a final message declaring it good. God will say the world is saved, for now anyway.”

“Good plan.  Let’s keep God around if things get out of hand.  Deal?”