Looking for plans on the weekend?


A new website in development called Merrlo (Murr-loh), will now allow users to find events such as parties and shows locally for free by just typing in your zip code or interest (favorite artist, DJ, music and etc)



If your interested in taking part of a new wave send your contact information to the addresses below (Name, E-mail Address)



Website: Info.Merrlo@gmail.com



Biggs (Founder): dawunonli@gmail.com / Twitter: @shawn_biggs



DJs/Promoters, check this link out http://justpaste.it/qwr



Currently looking for:


Flyer Distributors (Jamaica, Queens)                 +                Graphic Designers (Flyer work): http://twitpic.com/8w2xcu



We appreciate your support. Coming soon Spring 2012.

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