This plugin adds 3 Heroes and 4 Villains in the game

  • They have their own life just like you

  • They can have a follower

  • They can go to work, to hunt or to conquer a fort

  • They can eat and sleep in a tavern

  • They have multiple routes

  • They will recognize your faction, so Villains will be friendly if you are an Assassin or a Thief

  • Villains have a small chance to start searching you

  • These guys are very powerfull. You will need help to fight them at low levels (or a great escape)

  • There is also an "insane" version. Using this, even high level players will have serious problems

  • They could kill some quest important NPCs, so use them with caution

Use this plugin if you don't like being the only powerful person in Skyrim!

Created: 22/02/2012
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