Types of Lung Cancer Treatment


There are many kinds of lung cancer treatments available. Treatment of lung cancer depends on the screening of the lungs to know how much has the cancer spread and its current stage. Generally the symptoms of lung cancer are so evident themselves that screening is hardly required however in medical profession like in any other public duty profession confirmations are a must. Therefore, once the screening is done, the lung cancer patient is subjected to the mode of treatment decided by oncologists.

There are following types of lung cancer treatment:

1)   Surgery – After undergoing CT or PET scans, the oncologist comes to know the condition and the extent of spread of the character. These scans also inform us whether the cancer and its current malignity will be adaptive to surgery or not. Surgery with regards to lung cancer means removing the infected path or Wedge Resection, cutting of one lobe or Lobectomy or cutting of two lobes – bilobectomy or Pneumonectomy in which the whole lung is severed off. Obviously the infected ones. This procedure for treating lung cancer is not averse to death rate and maintains quite in Iran. Green Juice Powder

2)    Radiotherapy or Radiation therapy – Herein the cancer patient is exposed to radiation. It often accompanies chemotherapy. The patient in this is subjected to radiations for a particular duration of time and then comes chemotherapy. Radiation is primarily used to unblock the passage due to the cancer.

3)    Chemotherapy – This one is the most common treatment of any kind of lung cancer and one that has found relief and healing both through chemotherapy. Since chemo is a very rigorous it has to be applied very carefully. It can either prove fatal if the expert and experienced person is not there to supervise. Chemotherapy can be given together radiotherapy or even after surgery.

4)    Hormonal therapy – In this hormones are used to stop the growth of the cells in the infected area. Hormones can be used to reduced, diminish the cancer. These work just like chemo but only instead hormones are induced from the body.

5)    Target therapy – As the name suggests, target therapy means a therapy that is localized to cancer cells to avoid causing damage to normal-functioning cells. Target therapy has proved to be helpful for all – the patients, the doctors and the administrative staff.

6)    Biological Treatment – It is a mix of a lot of therapies such as bio-therapy, immunotherapy, etc. This treatment includes introduction of interleukin, monoclonal antibodies, colony stimulating factors, (cytokines) and vaccines.

Lung cancer treatment is a wide scale affair and one that is demanding both for the sufferer and his or her family. Thus quit smoking prevent lung cancer and get your treatment started today!