Does anybody have any better sugestions or miracle tips?

Ok, I am about to finish a pretty successful building cycle and am about to begin my PCT. I have put on about 25lbs over the last month but was not able to cut as much fat as I had hoped.

I will be starting my PCT Tuesday (trying methyl-e for the first time) and am hoping to cut about 10lbs of fat whithout losing my gains from my bulking cycle. I plan to also take Lipodrene as a fat burning along with the rest of my upcoming stack and keep my calorie intake down to 2000 or so.

For those who are interested the stack I am just finishing cycling is; Hemadrol and Methyl-V along with protien (muscle milk), creatine (ABB Crea Force), Monster Mass, L-Gluitimine (whatever was cheap), and a pretty intensive 5 day a week lifting regimine (primarily upper body due to a knee injury). If you would like a copy of my workout log and regimine I will be more than happy to provide it.

fc56a7dadca3b21fcdc34f67ba9045a8.jpg(Hemadrol effect)