Troubleshooting Norton Firewall Blocking Internet Access

Firewall components of Norton obstruct certain useful websites and Java Scripts, expecting them to be virus threats. Unaware about the obstruction, I installed Norton 360 on my system and had the same problem, which I was not aware of. Since I had installed it some time ago, so skipping option was not left with me. Seeking any help I had to resolve the problem.

Without wasting even a single moment, I tried out looking for a possible solution using Internet settings and help desk support if I was not satisfied. But it was totally wastage of time. Being a non-technical user, I failed to find the right solution through help desk. Searching for various ways to resolve Norton Firewall blockage issue, finally I got a way to crack the hard nut in the form of Norton technical support having the right capacity to troubleshoot the issue I was facing with Norton.

I am not 100% sure if it is a useful support tool just because it didn’t help me. I am giving this statement because I had a little time, and before time I had to fix the solution for Norton antivirus.

For the same, by using Norton official site, I got to know about Norton support phone number. The helpline support desk provided me a quick solution to Norton firewall blocking issue. The official Norton support expert assisted me with some DIY steps in order resolve the issue of firewall blocking internet access in Norton.   

After that, the message which I used to get “this page can’t be displayed” didn’t pop again on my computer screen. Subsequently, while attempting to fix the connection problem I was not feeling the same problem. After that the blue screen with some irrelevant message I used to get totally disappeared.

Thanks to technical support and helpline team of Norton for making things happen and solving out the Norton Firewall Blocking Internet Access issue. After getting technical help from certified Norton experts, I felt relaxed and started getting appropriate access in a trouble free manner.

It just didn’t happen to me because it’s all about problem that could take place in any system of the user. And the easiest way to resolve it is to try the best support tool or help resources.

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