Noke Kuin Project


Financing of construction projects for the Kupichawa (sacred space) and fish tank.

Haux Haux, brothers!

For many years, the indgenous people  Noke Kuin, from the Cruzeiro do Sul town, on Acre state, have been going through many dificulties to preserve their way of living and their ancient traditions. Due the illegal hunting, deforestation and panning in the Amazon Forest, the native animals that before used as food source to the people from the village are becoming more and more scarced. The river that supplies the region has dried and the lack of potable water became a contant issue.


Without any help from the Goverment, the Noke Kuin, that today gathers more than 3 thousand people, fights to survive, and the due the Coronavirus pandemic, it turned the whole challange even bigger. Their actual needs are many, like food, clothing, schoolar material, medicine, fuel, communication and many others.

This is why, to help strengthen the village's nutrition and to contribute on the income generation, the Noke Kuin people is planning to build a fish tank, six small houses and a big sacred house (known as Kupichawa), that it might receive visitors and share our ceremonies and medicines, whose main objective is the physical, mental and spiritual healing of the human being.


By donating to this project, you'll be helping to guarantee the survival and preserve the culture and traditions of an accestral people of our country, that embraces the life's mission to protect the Amazon Forest and everything that it has to offer to the humanity. Let's together contribute on this cause?

You all are invited to visite our village Noke Kuin, and those who contribute with higher values will have discount on the festivals, diets and sacred ceremonies, for which a calendar will be planed to be released.


Here are the initial costs of the works:


Timber costs: R$ 2,500.00 ($500 USD)

Roof cost: R$ 3,000.00 ($600 USD)

Hardware costs: R$ 2.000,00 ($400 USD)

Labor costs: R $3,500.00 ($700 USD)

Fish tank costs: R$ 4,000.00 ($800 USD)

Initial total: R$ 15,000.00 ($3000 USD)

Gratitude to all!


HAUX: sacred word spoken by the TXAI (Indians), mainly to start and close the medicinal rituals; has the primary meaning "that cure comes".

TXAI: means, in the language of the Noke Kuin people, "more than friend, more than brother, half of me who lives in you, half of you who lives in me".



USD $2 (10 BRL)
Thank you message

USD $4 (20 BRL)
Thank you message

USD $10 (50 BRL)
Photo and thank you message

USD $20 (100 BRL)
Participate in an online ceremony (in portuguese only, although good vibes has no words limitation, you can feel what's going on)

USD $60 (300 BRL)
Bracelet - handcrafted by the tribe Noke Kuin

USD $100 (500 BRL)
Necklace - handcrafted by the tribe Noke Kuin

USD $200 (1000 BRL)
One invite for a Noke Kuin ceremonie