Natural Remedies For Your Babys Cough

Your baby coughing and you don?t know what to do to stop that irritating cough ?this is often a distressful picture at almost every home. a way is definitely making your baby take medication but you are reluctant to go for it since you want your baby to avoid its side effects and chemicals. Moreover researches made recently have proved that the cough syrups are of no good and the sugar in them may actually make the illness last longer!

However, there a handful of natural remedies to recover our babies from coughing. Take your baby in the bathroom and run a hot shower if he appears to be congested. The shower must be hot since the steams from the shower loosen the congestion in the lungs of your baby.

You can also bathe your baby with warm water as it is as effective as running hot shower. You can also improve the effectiveness of the bath by pouring some droplets of thyme, sage or eucalyptus oil into the water. These oils can work wonders by letting their vapors aid in opening up the airways of your baby to make him breathe easy. Moreover, these vapors are a great healer of sore throats.

In case the cough is because of croup, the most effective way is wrapping your baby comfortably and taking him outside under the night sky. The cold night air soothes the upper airways inflammation.

The other effective natural remedy for babies? cough is herbal rub. How to do it? Take tablespoons of olive oil. Mix it 2 drops of essential oils. These essential oils can be rosemary, sage, peppermint or eucalyptus oils. A blend of rosemary and eucalyptus oils is marvelous - eucalyptus oil calms the cough allowing your baby to breathe easily whereas the oil of rosemary calms your tiny one and makes him doze off.

Put the mixture of olive and essential oils and rub it on your baby?s back and chest. Wrap your baby with a warm blanket or put on him a warm tight fitting shirt to develop body hit. This body heat will make the essential oils to vaporize. The baby will now find easier to breathe since he breathes in the fumes.

It is also believed that the best drink to soothe a worrying cough is mother?s milk. When ill, never stop your coughing baby feeding on your breasts. A dairy product is never comparable to breast feedings as far as quality is concerned.

So now, you, a mother of a new-born child know how to handle initially your baby?s cough. But this article is not the final thing; never hesitate to consult doctor to know more about the problem.


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