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Amazon will change their FBA strategy in Europe

Recently, Amazon announced that they will promote the standards for the size and weight of the product at each of their European logistic sites and integrate the costs of the FBA shipping service. As the introduction of famous fba shipping service supplier FBA forwarder, each product will has only one logistics cost according to the size and weight of each product.


By the official introduction of Amazon, FBA new regulations will come into effect in August 4, 2015. After the new rules take effect, all produces in related size and weight in Europe will have same classification. This should be the good news for those Amazon sellers.

In addition, from August 4, Amazon will also simplify the European distribution network fee which is the so called EFN. Currently, the logistics costs EFN is determined by the product purchasing platform, product original place and product size.

In May, the European already proposed to create the single e-commerce market plan and related rules and law will be released within two years. The plan has 16 major measures, which mainly includes the elimination of geographical restrictions, intellectual property protection and national laws. According to experts from famous FBA forwarder, the biggest obstacle to the plan is the opening for goods and services online sales channel.
In addition, the European Commission said that they will also propose the special regulation which could help to protect consumers online shopping. This should be very good news for those online shopping consumers and those products suppliers.

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