Bodybuilding Workouts for Muscle Gain

Nowadays, there are a lot of programs for the muscle gain. And most of these programs work. But it is difficult to understand which of them is for your body. Let’s see the basic principles of the muscle gain for to understand this.
















Workout Duration

Actually, 3 workouts in a week will be enough for the beginners. 4 workouts are for more experienced athletes. It is necessary to have the rest between the workouts because the rest is important for the restoration of forces.

The workout duration with intensive loads should be not more than one hour. Also, 1,5-4 minutes of the rest after every set depending on the complexity of the exercise and muscle group.

Workout Program

Also, the exercises included in the program should change from time to time. In this case, the muscles do not have time to get used to the program. You should begin the workout with the basic exercises such as press, sit-ups, and deadlift. This is a very important moment for the beginners. By the way, the experienced athletes should also follow this rule. You can increase the weight because basic exercises involve several muscle groups. This fact stimulates muscle and mass growth. The complexity of the rest of the training program for muscle mass should be selected based on the level of training. 

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High Protein Diet

Another important condition in the work on the mass is proper nutrition. If the number of the used calories is not restored, you will not gain the muscle mass.

The basis of the sports nutrition is proteinscarbohydrates, and vitamins. In fact, the goal of such ration is to minimize the body fat which increases with the muscle mass.

The healthy diet program includes several rules:

- the interval between the beginning of training and the intake of food is at least two hours

- the food portion should not be too large or too small

sweet and flour products completely excluded

- it is undesirable to eat meat because of the saturated fat content

food intake before and after training

- exceptions are proteins. They quickly assimilate and enrich the blood with useful substances. Because of that, they can be used with an hour before the workout.