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made on July 20, 2014



Reports are going around that Mosul's
St. Etchmiadzin Armenian church was burned
in attacks by the Islamic State.


First reports came on June 18 by AINA
followed by FOX News, and on July 20
Al-Arabiya News published a story which nearly went viral
with 146 Retweets and some Favourites.

That's not counting the individual tweets sent out



However the images are old and comes from the same AINA news source

The church is identified as St. Etchmiadzin Armenian church, in Mosul, Nineveh Province, Iraq.

The smoke is actually from burned vehicles close to the church, but the church itself was unharmed.

Later video from the surroundings of the church were taken on
JUNE 13, 2014
which clearly shows the church suffered no such harm.
There are only a few Burned vehicles,
but no damage can be seen done to the church.

the video link



Conflict Antiquities also did a good post on their website


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