[2012/06/25 12:02] Siddean Munro: I don't dare move my camera cos I'll crash
[2012/06/25 12:02] sachi Vixen: Hey Nyx, we all came for your bear
[2012/06/25 12:02] Cracked Mirror: is nyx giving free hugs after the meeting
[2012/06/25 12:02] Cracked Mirror: cause that's why we're all here obv
[2012/06/25 12:02] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): I thought sachi said beer at first @_@
[2012/06/25 12:03] Tyr Rozenblum: nyx brings fantastic beer
[2012/06/25 12:03] Nyx Linden: ok if everyone doesn't mind shifting towards the water, that way we can get some more people on the other side of the region boundary
[2012/06/25 12:03] RedPoly Inventor: okayy
[2012/06/25 12:03] Siddean Munro: eek ok
[2012/06/25 12:03] SySy Chapman: ohhhh slowly. slooooowly
[2012/06/25 12:03] Tyr Rozenblum: going to just climb on someones back
[2012/06/25 12:03] ZlatanBLK Djannovic: lol
[2012/06/25 12:04] Alexxis DeCuir: everyone is walking in water!
[2012/06/25 12:04] RedPoly Inventor: shouts: on the platform or near the water ?
[2012/06/25 12:04] moo Money: clearly this is a cleverly devised way to get some of us to crash
[2012/06/25 12:04] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): this is the creepiest thing I've seen in SL
[2012/06/25 12:04] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): am not moving i think i'm crashing
[2012/06/25 12:04] SySy Chapman: lmfao
[2012/06/25 12:04] Siddean Munro: whew made it
[2012/06/25 12:04] Alexxis DeCuir: i cant see the platform
[2012/06/25 12:04] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): how do we see prims again
[2012/06/25 12:04] platform is phantom in Grasmere
[2012/06/25 12:05] moo Money: is this platform phantom?
[2012/06/25 12:05] DrFran Babcock: sorry if I crushed anyoe
[2012/06/25 12:05] ZlatanBLK Djannovic: ahah alexxis
[2012/06/25 12:05] in the Grasmere sim, yes
[2012/06/25 12:05] Valentina E. (valentinaevangelista): thank you Ellie :D
[2012/06/25 12:05] Elie Spot: yw!!
[2012/06/25 12:05] Elie Spot: suetabulous and siddean did you get the invite too?
[2012/06/25 12:05] Alexxis DeCuir: shush zlatan
[2012/06/25 12:05] Elie Spot: did i miss anyone?
[2012/06/25 12:05] Alexxis DeCuir: i couldnt see the platform!
[2012/06/25 12:05] Alexxis DeCuir: lmao
[2012/06/25 12:05] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): just got it thanks elie!!
[2012/06/25 12:05] ZlatanBLK Djannovic: haha
[2012/06/25 12:05] Darling Monday: I still didn't get one :P
[2012/06/25 12:05] Elie Spot: <3!
[2012/06/25 12:05] Yukio Ida: still need inv
[2012/06/25 12:05] SySy Chapman: uh oh
[2012/06/25 12:05] Yukio Ida: :3
[2012/06/25 12:05] Nyx Linden: Greetings all, thanks for coming out. we'll get started in another minute
[2012/06/25 12:06] RedPoly Inventor: group hug!
[2012/06/25 12:06] Valentina E. (valentinaevangelista): /me waves to everyone arriving :D
[2012/06/25 12:06] Ross Myhre: SL's finest, ... gathered on a plywood platform
[2012/06/25 12:06] Nyx Linden: the agenda for today is here: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation/Mesh_Import_User_Group we'll try our best to get through it all, but please be patient as there are many more of you than there are lindens :)
[2012/06/25 12:06] Tiberious Neruda: ...I haven't seen a meeting this crowded in ages
[2012/06/25 12:07] Nyx Linden: /me makes a mental note to have a backup plaform for larger meetings
[2012/06/25 12:07] Koli Melune (sahkolihaa.contepomi): Server user group has had 80+ a couple of months ago.
[2012/06/25 12:07] RedPoly Inventor: wow
[2012/06/25 12:07] RedPoly Inventor: such love for .. servers..
[2012/06/25 12:07] Raz Welles: Why is there so many people today o_o
[2012/06/25 12:07] Tiberious Neruda: what's caused increased participation?
[2012/06/25 12:07] RedPoly Inventor: :)))
[2012/06/25 12:07] Raz Welles: I htought today was jst a regular meeting
[2012/06/25 12:07] Koli Melune (sahkolihaa.contepomi): It was actually an angry mob. xP
[2012/06/25 12:07] Valentina E. (valentinaevangelista): haha
[2012/06/25 12:07] RedPoly Inventor: haha
[2012/06/25 12:07] Raz Welles: oh angry mob, got it
[2012/06/25 12:07] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): Would cause less confusion if you align the other platform with the sim border. XD
[2012/06/25 12:07] Raz Welles: /me hands out ye olde pitchforks
[2012/06/25 12:07] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): phew
[2012/06/25 12:08] Tyr Rozenblum: o.o none of us are angry
[2012/06/25 12:08] Geenz Spad: it's a regular meeting with a bit of show and tell it seems
[2012/06/25 12:08] DrFran Babcock: storm the barricades!
[2012/06/25 12:08] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): No-ones angry. I want to be here cause I make mesh and it's important to me. :)
[2012/06/25 12:08] sachi Vixen: I brought my pitchfork
[2012/06/25 12:08] Tyr Rozenblum: we're all actually pretty excited to be quite honest.
[2012/06/25 12:08] Nyx Linden: alright all, sorry for the confusion, I didn't have a chance to prepare a better platform.
[2012/06/25 12:08] Nyx Linden: shall we get started?
[2012/06/25 12:08] Raz Welles: Excited for what
[2012/06/25 12:08] Siddean Munro: all good with me
[2012/06/25 12:08] Tyr Rozenblum: you'll see.
[2012/06/25 12:08] X-Flight, Carbon Rod X: All Go
[2012/06/25 12:08] Raz Welles: oki
[2012/06/25 12:08] RedPoly Inventor: i can't move.. brilliant :))
[2012/06/25 12:08] Kesiika Markova: ok I am headed to the horizon ..
[2012/06/25 12:09] RedPoly Inventor: test
[2012/06/25 12:09] Raz Welles: might have to leave soon :(
[2012/06/25 12:09] Cracked Mirror: can you come a little closer to the center nyx so we can all hear
[2012/06/25 12:09] sachi Vixen: Oz Linden for president!
[2012/06/25 12:09] Nyx Linden: topic 1: "Can Linden provide any feedback/knowledge concerning a method of mesh clothing upload which circumvents the use of the existing mesh clothing deformer yet provides similar (if not the same) functionality? For background, a known full-perm clothing merchant recently made available an article of clothing which conforms to changes in av slider values. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POwQE10sxGg&feature=player_embedded )They claim the item does not use Qarl's mesh clothing deformer but decline to discuss the method being used behind the object creation. Speculation is that a hack is being done to .dae files in order to get this to work. If this is the case, is this a method of content creation which designers should or should not make use of at this time? Aki Shichiroji"
[2012/06/25 12:09] Koli Melune (sahkolihaa.contepomi): Borrowdale looks like it's on the verge of crashing...
[2012/06/25 12:09] sachi Vixen: .
[2012/06/25 12:10] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): You mean other then the ones that actually move stretch bones?
[2012/06/25 12:10] Elie Spot: yes
[2012/06/25 12:10] Elie Spot: body fat
[2012/06/25 12:10] Elie Spot: belly
[2012/06/25 12:10] Elie Spot: butt
[2012/06/25 12:10] Elie Spot: etc
[2012/06/25 12:10] Tyr Rozenblum: few of us are wearing it.
[2012/06/25 12:11] i'm spinning under here hahaha
[2012/06/25 12:11] Siddean Munro: I can't see Redpoly here anymore
[2012/06/25 12:12] Kesiika Markova: the region is full he crashed ..
[2012/06/25 12:12] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): he's here,I see him
[2012/06/25 12:12] Dawnde Lane: hes here
[2012/06/25 12:12] Geenz Spad: someone TP them in the other region
[2012/06/25 12:12] Kesiika Markova: and can't come back
[2012/06/25 12:12] Cracked Mirror: I see him :D
[2012/06/25 12:12] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): oh then it's a ghost
[2012/06/25 12:12] moo Money: he's like a little teddy bear
[2012/06/25 12:12] Lindsay Pinelli: that one is full so I guess here?
[2012/06/25 12:12] DrFran Babcock: I see gray people
[2012/06/25 12:12] moo Money: half under the platform
[2012/06/25 12:12] Nyx Linden: hrm, difficult to move around here. can everyone hear me?
[2012/06/25 12:12] Cracked Mirror: he's ghosted
[2012/06/25 12:12] Damien (damien.fate): lol
[2012/06/25 12:12] Tiberious Neruda: I can
[2012/06/25 12:12] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): i can
[2012/06/25 12:12] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): I can
[2012/06/25 12:13] SteelsAmanyt Stringer: read yeah
[2012/06/25 12:13] RedPoly Inventor: i think i'm back..
[2012/06/25 12:13] Anouk Spot: welcome back
[2012/06/25 12:13] Tyr Rozenblum: wb sir
[2012/06/25 12:13] Elie Spot: wb! <3
[2012/06/25 12:13] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): actually hear or read
[2012/06/25 12:13] Alexxis DeCuir: welcome back :D
[2012/06/25 12:13] RedPoly Inventor: are we started ?
[2012/06/25 12:13] Dawnde Lane: WELLCOME BACK!!! I MISS YOU
[2012/06/25 12:13] RedPoly Inventor: omg !
[2012/06/25 12:13] RedPoly Inventor: hug me!
[2012/06/25 12:13] RedPoly Inventor: NOW!
[2012/06/25 12:14] Meraud: ty!
[2012/06/25 12:14] Alexxis DeCuir: i see your text nyx.. but i dont see you haha
[2012/06/25 12:14] Lindsay Pinelli: /me hugs you xD
[2012/06/25 12:14] Raz Welles: everyone is gray goo now
[2012/06/25 12:14] RedPoly Inventor: :P
[2012/06/25 12:14] Alexxis DeCuir: and i dont hear anything at all
[2012/06/25 12:14] Darling Monday: finally got back in lol
[2012/06/25 12:14] Raz Welles: should I relog
[2012/06/25 12:14] Geenz Spad: give it one more minute I suppose?
[2012/06/25 12:14] Geenz Spad: it's probably a bad idea to relog
[2012/06/25 12:14] Raz Welles: ok
[2012/06/25 12:15] Nyx Linden: so with regards to this particular topic, I first saw this new technique this morning, I have not personally had a chance to look into it in any detail
[2012/06/25 12:15] RedPoly Inventor: i'm here for that :)
[2012/06/25 12:15] Geenz Spad: my guess is it's a rigging trick
[2012/06/25 12:15] RedPoly Inventor: to explain in detail
[2012/06/25 12:15] Alexxis DeCuir: id love to know
[2012/06/25 12:15] RedPoly Inventor: what and how
[2012/06/25 12:15] Gaia Clary: all ears :)
[2012/06/25 12:15] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): yes please
[2012/06/25 12:15] Nyx Linden: RedPoly, you have the floor, please enlighten us :)
[2012/06/25 12:16] RedPoly Inventor: ouch..
[2012/06/25 12:16] RedPoly Inventor: :))
[2012/06/25 12:16] RedPoly Inventor: okay
[2012/06/25 12:16] Oz Linden: how about everyone but RedPoly sit down and we'll all listen for a bit?
[2012/06/25 12:16] Anouk Spot: good idea
[2012/06/25 12:16] RedPoly Inventor: the trick is to use the collision volumes for the rigging part
[2012/06/25 12:16] Geenz Spad: Ctrl + Alt + S for the win
[2012/06/25 12:16] RedPoly Inventor: they where designed to scale and move with the morphs
[2012/06/25 12:16] RedPoly Inventor: in order to cover them
[2012/06/25 12:17] RedPoly Inventor: i assume used for physics some time
[2012/06/25 12:17] RedPoly Inventor: the problem with them
[2012/06/25 12:17] RedPoly Inventor: for the rigger
[2012/06/25 12:17] Geenz Spad: collision volumes? you mean the additional bones that are seemingly unused?
[2012/06/25 12:17] RedPoly Inventor: is that they have special rotation, size , and position
[2012/06/25 12:17] Gaia Clary: what are collision volumes ?
[2012/06/25 12:17] RedPoly Inventor: all listed in the avatar_skeleton.xml
[2012/06/25 12:17] RedPoly Inventor: show collision volume on the viewer
[2012/06/25 12:17] Raz Welles: Can they be affected with .anim too?
[2012/06/25 12:17] RedPoly Inventor: wear alpha
[2012/06/25 12:18] RedPoly Inventor: and change ur shape
[2012/06/25 12:18] Anouk Spot: maybe let him speak first :S
[2012/06/25 12:18] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): yes lol
[2012/06/25 12:18] Raz Welles: sorry ^^;
[2012/06/25 12:18] RedPoly Inventor: u will see them scale up , and move
[2012/06/25 12:18] Kesiika Markova: Please, leave him explain and he will answer at the end :))
[2012/06/25 12:18] RedPoly Inventor: they move and scale in a very specific way
[2012/06/25 12:18] RedPoly Inventor: all listend in avatar_lad.xml
[2012/06/25 12:18] Geenz Spad: figured it was something along those lines, though I didn't know that they could actually scale
[2012/06/25 12:18] RedPoly Inventor: each appiriance slider
[2012/06/25 12:18] RedPoly Inventor: triggers
[2012/06/25 12:18] RedPoly Inventor: not only morphs , but volume morphs too
[2012/06/25 12:19] RedPoly Inventor: so all good but there are tons of problems and downs , let me explain
[2012/06/25 12:19] RedPoly Inventor: 1st. u need new skeleton linked to the mBones , created based on the avatar_skeleton
[2012/06/25 12:20] RedPoly Inventor: 2. u need to have this movement simulated in ur software of choice
[2012/06/25 12:20] RedPoly Inventor: avatar morph + volume movement/scale
[2012/06/25 12:20] RedPoly Inventor: this is where Gaia comes in
[2012/06/25 12:20] Gaia Clary: oh?
[2012/06/25 12:20] Raz Welles: :D
[2012/06/25 12:20] RedPoly Inventor: coding :)
[2012/06/25 12:20] RedPoly Inventor: without this u will work blind
[2012/06/25 12:20] RedPoly Inventor: completly
[2012/06/25 12:21] RedPoly Inventor: basicaly u have big control of the deformation
[2012/06/25 12:21] RedPoly Inventor: because u actually control it with ur rigging
[2012/06/25 12:21] RedPoly Inventor: but .. they are limmits
[2012/06/25 12:21] RedPoly Inventor: for example 100% fat moves the belly down
[2012/06/25 12:21] RedPoly Inventor: the collision volumes can't cover this completely
[2012/06/25 12:22] RedPoly Inventor: so ur weighting needs to be offceded
[2012/06/25 12:22] RedPoly Inventor: the line between nice deform and entering the body when moves
[2012/06/25 12:22] RedPoly Inventor: is very thin
[2012/06/25 12:22] RedPoly Inventor: the movement in the avatar lad are in parent space
[2012/06/25 12:22] RedPoly Inventor: parent bone
[2012/06/25 12:22] RedPoly Inventor: this is important for those who will create the simulation
[2012/06/25 12:23] RedPoly Inventor: i have another proposal based on this
[2012/06/25 12:23] RedPoly Inventor: which will work much better
[2012/06/25 12:23] RedPoly Inventor: i'm talking about new set of bones
[2012/06/25 12:23] RedPoly Inventor: like to call them cBones
[2012/06/25 12:23] RedPoly Inventor: they will be linked to the mBones
[2012/06/25 12:23] RedPoly Inventor: 0 rotation , 1.00 scale
[2012/06/25 12:24] RedPoly Inventor: but sliders in the LAD file will
[2012/06/25 12:24] RedPoly Inventor: trigger movement , improved one
[2012/06/25 12:24] RedPoly Inventor: and scaling
[2012/06/25 12:24] RedPoly Inventor: because with collision , the belly part is very very problematic
[2012/06/25 12:24] RedPoly Inventor: many clothing models can't be made to work with it
[2012/06/25 12:24] RedPoly Inventor: u need to hide it big time with alphas
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: my initial tests on the cBones idea indicate
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: that we will need second torso
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: to cover 100% fat at the back
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: and the bell
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: belly*
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: we will need 2 bones for the breasts
[2012/06/25 12:25] Mouse Puppets: Click me to toggle the animation on/off
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: and probably 1 or 2 for the butt
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: some of the bones , mBones are already
[2012/06/25 12:25] RedPoly Inventor: scaleable
[2012/06/25 12:26] RedPoly Inventor: like mHead , mHands etc
[2012/06/25 12:26] RedPoly Inventor: so they don't need to be cBones
[2012/06/25 12:26] RedPoly Inventor: the control over the deformation will be big
[2012/06/25 12:26] RedPoly Inventor: and those will be animateable
[2012/06/25 12:26] RedPoly Inventor: which can be very benefitial
[2012/06/25 12:26] RedPoly Inventor: collision volumes are solution , but a very limited one
[2012/06/25 12:27] RedPoly Inventor: and it triples weighting time
[2012/06/25 12:27] RedPoly Inventor: and without a programed sumulation system it's almost imposible to work with
[2012/06/25 12:27] Tyr Rozenblum: if this was RL, i'd be buying you a beer right about now.
[2012/06/25 12:27] Geenz Spad: it's a hack that uses unused bones in the skeleton, and the workflow sounds like it's far from an ideal solution
[2012/06/25 12:27] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): lol
[2012/06/25 12:27] Nyx Linden: sounds interesting, and very challenging
[2012/06/25 12:28] RedPoly Inventor: Nyx the cool part is
[2012/06/25 12:28] DrFran Babcock: would a new LInden skeleton help, RedPoly?
[2012/06/25 12:28] Tiberious Neruda: ...you mentioned these are collision volumes... could this be used later to improve avatar collisions?
[2012/06/25 12:28] RedPoly Inventor: patching this is .. plain text :)
[2012/06/25 12:28] RedPoly Inventor: all can work on it
[2012/06/25 12:28] RedPoly Inventor: perfecting it
[2012/06/25 12:28] Elie Spot: ^!
[2012/06/25 12:28] RedPoly Inventor: avatar_lad
[2012/06/25 12:28] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): That's fantastic!
[2012/06/25 12:28] Geenz Spad: Tiberious: don't count it
[2012/06/25 12:28] RedPoly Inventor: skeleton.xml
[2012/06/25 12:28] RedPoly Inventor: that's all
[2012/06/25 12:28] Anouk Spot: that's awesome
[2012/06/25 12:28] Geenz Spad: the bones using it are if anything used to detect where you've touched something AFAIK
[2012/06/25 12:28] RedPoly Inventor: we need to find the offseting and the scale that will cover 100% fat
[2012/06/25 12:28] Cracked Mirror: sounds extremely difficult
[2012/06/25 12:29] RedPoly Inventor: and we are done
[2012/06/25 12:29] Siddean Munro: Geenz, can we get an answer from the Lindens please?
[2012/06/25 12:29] Elie Spot: yes please
[2012/06/25 12:29] Tiberious Neruda: oh... you mean the parts that show up when you do Show Collision Skeleton?
[2012/06/25 12:29] RedPoly Inventor: yes
[2012/06/25 12:29] Kesiika Markova: yeap
[2012/06/25 12:29] Tyr Rozenblum: geenz, shhhh and come sit by momma
[2012/06/25 12:29] RedPoly Inventor: this are collision volumes
[2012/06/25 12:29] RedPoly Inventor: put and alpha
[2012/06/25 12:29] RedPoly Inventor: change ur shape
[2012/06/25 12:29] RedPoly Inventor: 100% fat
[2012/06/25 12:29] Nyx Linden: so sounds like there are two different discussions here: 1) the viability of using the existing collision volumes for weighting, and the drawbacks there, and 2) the proposal to add more 'cbones" that would track the morph params more accurately than the current collision volumes. Correct?
[2012/06/25 12:29] RedPoly Inventor: u will see the movement and scale
[2012/06/25 12:29] Tiberious Neruda: you mean we can actually move and change those too?
[2012/06/25 12:29] RedPoly Inventor: yes
[2012/06/25 12:30] Raz Welles: How does this solution compare against Qarl's mesh deformer?
[2012/06/25 12:30] Raz Welles: /me is curious
[2012/06/25 12:30] RedPoly Inventor: my expiriance shows that collision bones are very limited and hard to predict
[2012/06/25 12:30] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): Would this be easier than adding a shape ley morph feature?
[2012/06/25 12:30] Damien (damien.fate): From what I've seen, the deformation from RedPoly's version is nicer
[2012/06/25 12:30] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): Would this be easier than adding a shape key morph feature?*
[2012/06/25 12:30] RedPoly Inventor: cBones will move and scale better
[2012/06/25 12:30] Elie Spot: agree w/ damien, much smoother on RedPoly's garment
[2012/06/25 12:30] RedPoly Inventor: Damien controlled by the skinning :)
[2012/06/25 12:30] Tiberious Neruda: Raz: I think what he's saying is the real solution is already here, and that the deformer is, well, unnecessary
[2012/06/25 12:30] RedPoly Inventor: or by the user :)
[2012/06/25 12:30] Siddean Munro: /me would like to control how my models deform
[2012/06/25 12:30] Geenz Spad: biggest problem would be sorting out a work flow
[2012/06/25 12:31] Elie Spot: agree w/ siddean
[2012/06/25 12:31] Cracked Mirror: ok my opinion on this is that no time should be devoted to this by LL unless it poses a security risk and the focus should be on the deformer which is obviously a much better solution
[2012/06/25 12:31] Nyx Linden: in the youtube video, did you use just the current collision volumes, or did you use modifications to our xml files as well?
[2012/06/25 12:31] Damien (damien.fate): You could with this, Siddean
[2012/06/25 12:31] RedPoly Inventor: Nyx collision volumes
[2012/06/25 12:31] Elie Spot: ^^ yes
[2012/06/25 12:31] Damien (damien.fate): since you paint the weights to the cBones
[2012/06/25 12:31] Elie Spot: i think thats what sid is saying, redpoly's solution is preferred
[2012/06/25 12:31] Elie Spot: as far as control
[2012/06/25 12:31] RedPoly Inventor: second torso is a must for the cBones
[2012/06/25 12:31] Gaia Clary: How do we access the collsiion volumes from insode our 3D tools ?
[2012/06/25 12:31] RedPoly Inventor: 2 breast and at least 1 butt nones
[2012/06/25 12:31] RedPoly Inventor: too
[2012/06/25 12:32] RedPoly Inventor: Gaia they are nones
[2012/06/25 12:32] RedPoly Inventor: check the avatar_skeleton
[2012/06/25 12:32] RedPoly Inventor: u need to mimic same hierarchy
[2012/06/25 12:32] Gaia Clary: can you give an example ?
[2012/06/25 12:32] Gaia Clary: name ?
[2012/06/25 12:32] RedPoly Inventor: <bone name="mPelvis" pos="0.000 0.000 1.067" rot="0.000000 0.000000 0.000000" scale="1.000 1.000 1.000" pivot="0.000000 0.000000 1.067015">
<collision_volume name="PELVIS" pos = "-0.01 0 -0.02" rot="0.000000 8.00000 0.000000" scale="0.12 0.16 0.17"/>
[2012/06/25 12:32] RedPoly Inventor: so PELVIS is linked to the mPelvis
[2012/06/25 12:32] RedPoly Inventor: but notice the SCALE
[2012/06/25 12:32] Gaia Clary: ah!!
[2012/06/25 12:32] RedPoly Inventor: need to be compensated
[2012/06/25 12:32] RedPoly Inventor: it's not 1!
[2012/06/25 12:33] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Is this the same volumes Prep Linden talked about way back?
[2012/06/25 12:33] RedPoly Inventor: rotation and position too
[2012/06/25 12:33] RedPoly Inventor: yep..
[2012/06/25 12:33] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Ah ok. I'm with you now.
[2012/06/25 12:33] RedPoly Inventor: collision volumes , attachments , hud position == bones
[2012/06/25 12:33] Gaia Clary: Ok, we are going to work on a solution :)
[2012/06/25 12:33] RedPoly Inventor: all of them
[2012/06/25 12:33] RedPoly Inventor: ..
[2012/06/25 12:33] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): I remember he was working on a solution using collisions before.
[2012/06/25 12:34] Tiberious Neruda: that's why we could animate attachment points and rig to them as if they were bones, right?
[2012/06/25 12:34] RedPoly Inventor: i told him..
[2012/06/25 12:34] RedPoly Inventor: november 2011..
[2012/06/25 12:34] RedPoly Inventor: he worked .. and that was it ..
[2012/06/25 12:34] Damien (damien.fate): Yes Tiberius
[2012/06/25 12:34] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): He did get samples from me and some other I think. But, never heard the verdict.
[2012/06/25 12:34] RedPoly Inventor: i thought he didn't like it
[2012/06/25 12:35] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Yea, he never said either way.
[2012/06/25 12:35] Tiberious Neruda: so really, what we need is for the importer to accept weighting groups with spaces in their names
[2012/06/25 12:35] Gaia Clary: YES!!!!!!
[2012/06/25 12:35] RedPoly Inventor: the cool part is , something i know lindens like
[2012/06/25 12:35] RedPoly Inventor: no new sliders
[2012/06/25 12:35] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): lol
[2012/06/25 12:35] Elie Spot: ^
[2012/06/25 12:35] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Yes
[2012/06/25 12:35] Tyr Rozenblum: \o/
[2012/06/25 12:35] RedPoly Inventor: we can use old ones :)
[2012/06/25 12:35] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): Yay!
[2012/06/25 12:35] Siddean Munro: fine with me :)
[2012/06/25 12:35] Casanova Frankenstein (roblem.hogarth): lol yup
[2012/06/25 12:35] RedPoly Inventor: ooo i forgot , collision volumes DON"T deform any breast slider
[2012/06/25 12:35] RedPoly Inventor: !
[2012/06/25 12:36] Damien (damien.fate): It seems like implementation of your proposal wouldn't really affect any existing content either, which is nice.
[2012/06/25 12:36] Geenz Spad: so the real question is I think, how can the workflow be perfected?
[2012/06/25 12:36] Gaia Clary: LIndens, we even have a patch for you for the weighting groups with spaces ....
[2012/06/25 12:36] sachi Vixen: Well Linden Lab, look how smart your community is?!
[2012/06/25 12:36] RedPoly Inventor: for me the cBones is the ultimate solution
[2012/06/25 12:36] Geenz Spad: because from the sounds of it, the existing workflow is pretty tedious
[2012/06/25 12:36] Gaia Clary: and we talked with prep about that 6 months ago
[2012/06/25 12:36] Tyr Rozenblum: im pretty in awe at the moment
[2012/06/25 12:36] Nyx Linden: there are definitely some large drawbacks to the method, but the potential results look impressive. I'd like to separate the discussion of the current solution from the proposed feature request of cbones for now
[2012/06/25 12:36] Elie Spot: ^ RedPoly is genius imho
[2012/06/25 12:36] Anouk Spot: exactly, im so impressed, you guys are amazing
[2012/06/25 12:37] RedPoly Inventor: np Nyx
[2012/06/25 12:37] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): I'm in awe, RedPoly.
[2012/06/25 12:37] Damien (damien.fate): I'd rather triple rigging time with cBones than provide 5 sizes plus one deformer code size.
[2012/06/25 12:37] Siddean Munro: ^same
[2012/06/25 12:37] Elie Spot: ^^ agreed damien
[2012/06/25 12:37] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Agreed Damien
[2012/06/25 12:37] Tyr Rozenblum: agreed
[2012/06/25 12:37] Kesiika Markova: who wouldn't .. :)))
[2012/06/25 12:37] Casanova Frankenstein (roblem.hogarth): for real
[2012/06/25 12:37] RedPoly Inventor: yep , viva cBones
[2012/06/25 12:37] Nyx Linden: RedPoly - could we get a copy of your models to evaluate with some internal tools?
[2012/06/25 12:37] Siddean Munro: sizes is even more tedious because they still don't accommodate everyone
[2012/06/25 12:37] Elie Spot: VIVA CBONES
[2012/06/25 12:37] Yukio Ida: this really sounds like a complicated learning curb with an extra coding program for people who don't quite understand this.. so.. how is the overal usability of this workflow matching up to a built in deformer or can it be adapted?
[2012/06/25 12:37] Gaia Clary: and what if we would supply an automatic weighting ?
[2012/06/25 12:37] RedPoly Inventor: collision volimes will rise many questions , and hair pulling
[2012/06/25 12:37] RedPoly Inventor: trust me ...
[2012/06/25 12:38] Tiberious Neruda: and if I could get the collision volumes to match my shapes, I'm for it too
[2012/06/25 12:38] Damien (damien.fate): Yukio, that is just the current way that RedPoly did it, he needed to do coding to make it work with the way the collision points are now
[2012/06/25 12:38] RedPoly Inventor: yes the coding part is tricky
[2012/06/25 12:38] Tiberious Neruda: you'll notice that the camera doesn't catch on the av itself, but raher is collision volumes
[2012/06/25 12:38] Damien (damien.fate): the cBones is an extra proposal to bypass the coding
[2012/06/25 12:38] Cracked Mirror: but is this a viable alternative to the deformer? Is that what were talking about... or just a hack to hold us over until the deformer arrives
[2012/06/25 12:38] Nyx Linden: redpoly - also if you could submit a proposal for your feature request, to let us know exactly what it involves so we can evaluate it, that would be appreciated
[2012/06/25 12:38] RedPoly Inventor: yes , they will mostly scale
[2012/06/25 12:38] Geenz Spad: Cracked: I'd classify this more as a hack
[2012/06/25 12:39] Geenz Spad: a very interesting one though
[2012/06/25 12:39] Tiberious Neruda: Geenz, I don't understand how you'd thinkt hat
[2012/06/25 12:39] RedPoly Inventor: i have no clue how to do that , but will investigate :)
[2012/06/25 12:39] RedPoly Inventor: thanks Nyx
[2012/06/25 12:39] RedPoly Inventor: Nyx the best part is .. community can make it :)
[2012/06/25 12:39] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Not sure why you'd call it a hack Geenz
[2012/06/25 12:39] RedPoly Inventor: with nice organization :)
[2012/06/25 12:39] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): Redpoly, can people without a patched viewer see these deforms?
[2012/06/25 12:39] Nyx Linden: I can sync up with you offline, to make sure we're looking at the same thing
[2012/06/25 12:39] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): It seems more like a workaround than a hack.
[2012/06/25 12:39] Siddean Munro: I see them in the current SL viewer
[2012/06/25 12:39] RedPoly Inventor: Davido yes , every viewer have collision volumes
[2012/06/25 12:39] RedPoly Inventor: 1.12 too
[2012/06/25 12:40] RedPoly Inventor: :))
[2012/06/25 12:40] RedPoly Inventor: they are very very old
[2012/06/25 12:40] RedPoly Inventor: Nyx great
[2012/06/25 12:40] Nyx Linden: This is something we're doing to have to spend some time looking into to see how viable of a workflow it is. We have a number of old topics, any objection to moving on for this week?
[2012/06/25 12:40] Tyr Rozenblum: poly i sent you beer, thank you so much for today.
[2012/06/25 12:40] RedPoly Inventor: Tyr thanks! :)
[2012/06/25 12:40] Tyr Rozenblum: you and your team
[2012/06/25 12:40] SySy Chapman: don't make him drunk now!
[2012/06/25 12:40] Geenz Spad: I can assist in putting one together, but really, this is basically using parts of the avatar that weren't really intended for this sort of thing
[2012/06/25 12:40] Cracked Mirror: thank you red we realllyy appreciate this :)
[2012/06/25 12:40] DrFran Babcock: this was very generous of you.
[2012/06/25 12:40] Kesiika Markova: :) np
[2012/06/25 12:41] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Thanks for investigating that Red
[2012/06/25 12:41] Damien (damien.fate): It's called innovation :) great work RedPoly
[2012/06/25 12:41] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): I think this is a very positive step for the community as a whole.
[2012/06/25 12:41] Siddean Munro: Thanks Redpoly!
[2012/06/25 12:41] RedPoly Inventor: np ;)
[2012/06/25 12:41] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): So basically you weight it to the collision volume bones instead of the regular rig?
[2012/06/25 12:41] Tiberious Neruda: that might be, Geenz, but why should there be extra coding in the client for the deformer when there's already soemthing that does the same thing?
[2012/06/25 12:41] Elie Spot: ty so much redpoly
[2012/06/25 12:41] Anouk Spot: Redpoly for avatar of year!
[2012/06/25 12:41] RedPoly Inventor: thanks !
[2012/06/25 12:41] Tyr Rozenblum: geenz need you to turn your frown upside down and bring a little sunshine, this is a positive step, and exciting to say the least. Thank you again guys.
[2012/06/25 12:41] Anouk Spot: thanks so much for sharing your knowledge
[2012/06/25 12:41] Geenz Spad: Tiberious: workflow much?
[2012/06/25 12:41] sachi Vixen: I want a bear :(
[2012/06/25 12:41] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): Redpoly, So basically you weight it to the collision volume bones instead of the regular rig?
[2012/06/25 12:41] Siddean Munro: and this "unimportant" topic almost filled 2 sims
[2012/06/25 12:41] Draconis Neurocam: geenz most of sl is built on things that were used for something no where near their original intention
[2012/06/25 12:42] Elie Spot: ^^ what siddean said
[2012/06/25 12:42] RedPoly Inventor: Davido basicaly yes
[2012/06/25 12:42] Geenz Spad: I mean, if the workflow could be made easier, or otherwise replaced with an official viewer, it wouldn't be so bad
[2012/06/25 12:42] Elie Spot: ^^ what draconis said
[2012/06/25 12:42] Tiberious Neruda: you rig to another set of bones
[2012/06/25 12:42] SySy Chapman: this sounds like its well worth to learn
[2012/06/25 12:42] Elie Spot: ^^ agreed sysy
[2012/06/25 12:42] Darling Monday: whispers: yes thank you for sharing! :)
[2012/06/25 12:42] Geenz Spad: but generally speaking, we shouldn't need to keep tacking things on using functionality that could potentially break later
[2012/06/25 12:42] SySy Chapman: we ALL want to get rid of the sizing issues this is amazing then
[2012/06/25 12:42] Darling Monday: apparently i needed to whisper that
[2012/06/25 12:42] Elie Spot: haha darling <#
[2012/06/25 12:42] Elie Spot: <33
[2012/06/25 12:42] Lindsay Pinelli: this makes me want to learn to make mesh clothes even more
[2012/06/25 12:43] Geenz Spad: that's really more my point above all else
[2012/06/25 12:43] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Sizing is an albatross around designers necks.
[2012/06/25 12:43] Elie Spot: yes
[2012/06/25 12:43] Draconis Neurocam: geenz that is the other great thing about sl, never being able to break legacy content, no matter how annoying it is
[2012/06/25 12:43] SySy Chapman: LOL asha
[2012/06/25 12:43] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): I think a video of your workflow would help a lot of people Red
[2012/06/25 12:43] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): This still won't solve what the deformer is meant to solve though? Because rigged clothing would scale with rigged body and you would still need alphas?
[2012/06/25 12:43] Nyx Linden: ok, I'll be syncing up with RedPoly offline to get more detail and investigate the different options there are here, I'm definitely happy to see such interest in new techniques
[2012/06/25 12:43] Tyr Rozenblum: thanks nyx!
[2012/06/25 12:43] Siddean Munro: Geenz, I get that this isn't a priority to you, but it is to a lot of other people and all we want is an open dialog with the Lab about how to work around it!
[2012/06/25 12:43] SySy Chapman: awesome!
[2012/06/25 12:43] Elie Spot: alphas are np, for covering small glitches...
[2012/06/25 12:44] Siddean Munro: now we have it!
[2012/06/25 12:44] Nyx Linden: can we move on to other topics for now?
[2012/06/25 12:44] Siddean Munro: thank you Lab guys :)
[2012/06/25 12:44] Tyr Rozenblum: yes!
[2012/06/25 12:44] Siddean Munro: yes!
[2012/06/25 12:44] Tyr Rozenblum: (to nyx)
[2012/06/25 12:44] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): You'll need alphas regardless for some outfits.
[2012/06/25 12:44] Ross Myhre: I don't think th ediscussion is Red's current workflow, but more how it can be expanded upon for future use. i.e his cBones suggestion
[2012/06/25 12:44] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): Yep!
[2012/06/25 12:44] Geenz Spad: Siddean, you can stop twisting my words, kthx :)
[2012/06/25 12:44] Jin Elfan: lol
[2012/06/25 12:44] Elie Spot: thanks for allowing this discussion Nyx <3 seriously appreciated!
[2012/06/25 12:44] Nyx Linden: next topic: "Any mesh item must provide 21 dedicated bone weight groups (see below), otherwise the SL Importer does not accept the item. However these weight groups can be empty. What is the reason for having this constraint? If this constraint does not exist, then where can i find an example .dae file which shows how to import a mesh with less than the following list of bone weight groups ?
mHead, mNeck, mCollarRight, mCollarLeft, mShoulderRight, mShoulderLeft
mElbowRight, mElbowLeft, mWristRight, mWristLeft, mChest, mTorso
mPelvis, mHipRight, mHipLeft, mKneeRight, mKneeLeft
mAnkleRight, mAnkleLeft, mFootRight, mFootLeft
Gaia Clary 01:48, 25 June 2012 (PDT)"
[2012/06/25 12:44] Yukio Ida: i agree with geens. i have avoided making mesh clothing because of the sizing issues, and i've like many others have been waiting for the deformer. I do hope though that there is a possibility to make this more functionable :x that';s all i gotta say *hushes*
[2012/06/25 12:45] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): Didn't Redpoly just answer that? XD
[2012/06/25 12:45] Nyx Linden: no its a completely separate question actually :)
[2012/06/25 12:46] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): My, this is confusing. XD
[2012/06/25 12:46] Nyx Linden: I'm trying to get a hold of other avatar skeleton experts internally but I believe we had some difficulty with some bugs surrounding "partially" rigged meshes (without defined bones for the whole skeleton)
[2012/06/25 12:47] Gaia Clary: yes, but the point is... the weight groups can be empty.
[2012/06/25 12:47] Nyx Linden: as stated in the topic, you can have the bones defined, just keep the weight groups empty, and the mesh will import
[2012/06/25 12:47] Raz Welles: Well if we're gonna throw more bones into the avatar xml, can we ask for extra bones for general purposes to tide us over until custom armatures :P
[2012/06/25 12:47] Gaia Clary: so why doesnt the importer just create the missing weight groups ????
[2012/06/25 12:48] Raz Welles: /me figured it wouldn't hurt to ask while the topic is hot
[2012/06/25 12:48] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): /me snorts
[2012/06/25 12:48] Raz Welles: :}
[2012/06/25 12:48] Gaia Clary: that would help many many many usres i believe
[2012/06/25 12:49] Tiberious Neruda: Raz: if you mean finger bones, I'm down for that
[2012/06/25 12:49] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): A good portion of the file issues I help people with steam from those missing empty groups. So, it would help if the importer could catch that and add them.
[2012/06/25 12:49] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): i'm not sure if this helps but the kirsten viewer which is now not in distribution anymore, used to allow imports of "partially rigged mesh"
[2012/06/25 12:49] Raz Welles: sure, finger bones, face bones, hair bones, creepy eye monster bones whateverbones you want :3
[2012/06/25 12:50] Tiberious Neruda: I mean the standardized bones
[2012/06/25 12:50] Gaia Clary: btw... we had versions of the importer that just didi THAT
[2012/06/25 12:50] Nyx Linden: Is there a JIRA for this topic?
[2012/06/25 12:50] Siddean Munro: face, fingers, toes tyvm :p
[2012/06/25 12:50] Gaia Clary: for a while it worked one day, but not the other day.
[2012/06/25 12:50] Raz Welles: siddean: hehe
[2012/06/25 12:50] Gaia Clary: Nyx there have benn tons og jiras for this topic...
[2012/06/25 12:50] Gaia Clary: been tons of...
[2012/06/25 12:50] Gaia Clary: :)
[2012/06/25 12:50] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Right
[2012/06/25 12:51] Tiberious Neruda: unless you're planning on making some kind of ape avatar, toes are less improtant than fingers, IMO
[2012/06/25 12:51] Eboni (eboni.khan): if there are so many just paste one, there are so many frivilous JIRAs it is hard to keep track of the legit ones
[2012/06/25 12:51] Nyx Linden: I need to contact a few other lindens to get the technical details on this one - could you email me the relevant jira numbers and I'll try to have a more complete answer next week?
[2012/06/25 12:52] Gaia Clary: i can go and look them up sure.
[2012/06/25 12:52] Tiberious Neruda: me, I'd love a chain of about 8 we can rig to that would act like a flexiprim
[2012/06/25 12:53] Nyx Linden: thanks, I'll try to recall to make a note to carry this topic over to next week for followup
[2012/06/25 12:53] Quenemue Cyberstar: i've been away from SL for few months so im not perfectly sure about where we are at. Im hoping that someday we could have completely custom joint chains for our avatars
[2012/06/25 12:53] Siddean Munro: Tiberious, I have plenty of customers who would like wiggling toes :)
[2012/06/25 12:53] Tiberious Neruda: at the expense of perma-fists?
[2012/06/25 12:53] Nyx Linden: next topic: "For Mesh items with textures the SL Importer sometimes does not recognize the textures. In particular when a mesh contains weights and "weights" is enabled in the previewer, then the textures disappear instantly in the preview window and they do not get uploaded. Is this on purpose or is this a bug ? If this is not a bug but a wrong collada input, then where can i find an example .dae that allows to import textures along with a rigged mesh. Gaia Clary 01:33, 25 June 2012 (PDT)"
[2012/06/25 12:54] Nyx Linden: sounds like a bug to me :)
[2012/06/25 12:54] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): i've never succesfully uploaded a mesh with texture...neither have many of the designers i know
[2012/06/25 12:54] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): just saying..
[2012/06/25 12:54] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): lol
[2012/06/25 12:54] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): I'd really love to know this, it'd be much better for workflow if it allowed the textures to load in with the .dae
[2012/06/25 12:54] Gaia Clary: this bug exists since a year
[2012/06/25 12:54] Cracked Mirror: yep I've never been able to upload a texture with a mesh either lol this is new to me
[2012/06/25 12:54] SySy Chapman: dito sue
[2012/06/25 12:54] Tiberious Neruda: I usually just don't bother with it
[2012/06/25 12:54] Ross Myhre: I always assumed the Textures box was simply to allow for multiple textures on one mesh and DIDN'T import the textures themselves o.O
[2012/06/25 12:55] Lindsay Pinelli: I haven't tried to. i make them separately
[2012/06/25 12:55] Nyx Linden: the intent is that you should be able to include textures in the upload of the .dae.
[2012/06/25 12:55] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): Any .dae's I've tried to upload with textures on also tend to give the dreaded Mav_block_missing error too
[2012/06/25 12:55] Gaia Clary: that works perfectly for static meshes.
[2012/06/25 12:55] Ross Myhre: I tick the box if my mesh has multiple materials, but NEVER get or expect to get a textured mesh on upload
[2012/06/25 12:56] Gaia Clary: Blender 2.64 will provide an export mode which guarantees that you can import static meshes with textures.
[2012/06/25 12:56] l o z™ (loz.hyde): I never have too
[2012/06/25 12:56] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): a nice ok time to upgrade
[2012/06/25 12:56] Gaia Clary: and it would be awesome to also support rigged meshes with textures.
[2012/06/25 12:56] Nyx Linden: If you get me links to the relevant jira issues, I'll make a note that these are still causing content creators extra time to have to work around
[2012/06/25 12:57] Gaia Clary: again ok, i can look them up :)
[2012/06/25 12:57] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): The rigged version is missing a material block that is in the static one when you export a dae file from Blender.
[2012/06/25 12:58] Nyx Linden: interesting - example .dae files would definitely help!
[2012/06/25 12:58] Gaia Clary: Asha, also on blender 2.64 ?
[2012/06/25 12:58] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): The last time I compared dae files was back in 2.5 I think. I haven't checked with the latest build.
[2012/06/25 12:59] Gaia Clary: with the latest build you can import rigged meshes with textzures as long as you do not enable with weights ...
[2012/06/25 12:59] Gaia Clary: :(
[2012/06/25 12:59] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): Hmmm..... o.O
[2012/06/25 12:59] Gaia Clary: and i guess i know exactly where the SL importer fails even :)
[2012/06/25 13:00] Asha (ashasekayi.ra): I'll have to give the new ones a looksie.
[2012/06/25 13:00] Gaia Clary: Maybe i create a new Jira for this. might help to get it fixed faster :)
[2012/06/25 13:00] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): lol
[2012/06/25 13:00] Nyx Linden: any clarity you can provide would be appreciated :)
[2012/06/25 13:00] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): I'll vote on that JIRA! :D
[2012/06/25 13:01] l o z™ (loz.hyde): great
[2012/06/25 13:01] l o z™ (loz.hyde): thank you
[2012/06/25 13:02] Nyx Linden: unfortunately we're almost out of time, so we'll do one more topic this week and carry the rest over to next week
[2012/06/25 13:02] Nyx Linden: next topic: "I found that the SL Importer recognizes a rigged mesh by checking for a <controller> node in the collada file. It does not care about the scene description in that case. This implies that if we provide a full scene description that does no harm to the import. Is this correct ? Gaia Clary 01:56, 25 June 2012 (PDT)"
[2012/06/25 13:03] Gaia Clary: I am almost sure that we can do it. But it would be great to hear from Lindens side that its actually OK to do it :)
[2012/06/25 13:04] Gaia Clary: reason: only supplying a <controller> has been identified as bad collada file, at least as very non standard.
[2012/06/25 13:04] Nyx Linden: once you specify that you're uploading a rigged mesh, the importer only looks at the data that is actually rigged to the avatar mesh, the rest should be ignored
[2012/06/25 13:04] Gaia Clary: but that is what Blender does since 2.49.
[2012/06/25 13:04] Nyx Linden: assuming that there isn't malformed xml or other basic parsing issues
[2012/06/25 13:05] Gaia Clary: ok, then we can do it as intended. thanks!
[2012/06/25 13:06] Gaia Clary: Well that was a very exciting meeting today :)
[2012/06/25 13:06] Nyx Linden: alright everyone, thanks for coming out this week! I'll carry over the rest of the topics for next week :)
[2012/06/25 13:06] Gaia Clary: ok
[2012/06/25 13:06] Kesiika Markova: great :)
[2012/06/25 13:07] Anouk Spot: thanks Nyx
[2012/06/25 13:07] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): I'm looking forward to coming to future meetings too, I'm really interested in the future of mesh :)
[2012/06/25 13:07] Siddean Munro: thanks Nyx!
[2012/06/25 13:07] Cyclic Gearz-Bellamy (cyclic.gearz): Thanks Nyx :D
[2012/06/25 13:07] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): ty
[2012/06/25 13:07] RedPoly Inventor: thanks Nyx!
[2012/06/25 13:07] .s.u.e.t.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. (suetabulous.yootz): thanks for your time
[2012/06/25 13:07] Siddean Munro: worth staying up for ^_^
[2012/06/25 13:07] MeshMaker: ty!
[2012/06/25 13:07] Lindsay Pinelli: thank you Nyx and RedPoly :)
[2012/06/25 13:07] Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you Nyx.
[2012/06/25 13:07] Nyx Linden: have a great week everybody!
[2012/06/25 13:07] RedPoly Inventor: thank youuu
[2012/06/25 13:07] Gaia Clary: u2
[2012/06/25 13:07] RedPoly Inventor: you too
[2012/06/25 13:07] Kesiika Markova: Same to you :)
[2012/06/25 13:08] ÄlveKatt (davido.chrome): Thanks!
[2012/06/25 13:08] Kesiika Markova: bye all :)
[2012/06/25 13:08] Gramma Fiddlesticks: you as well nyx
[2012/06/25 13:08] Isla Gealach: Ty Nyx
[2012/06/25 13:08] Crash Uladstron (crashov.uladstron): благодаря Red :P