MBOX to PST conversion (Everything you need know)

When you talk about MBOX to PST conversion, the first thing that comes into one’s mind is safety. Safety of the data involved in the conversion process is the topmost priority of any user. There should be no surprise about this as data is one of the most precious resources one can have in today’s day and age.


After safety, accuracy and ease are the two prominent features most users desire in their conversion process. Accuracy for getting the primary job ride and not suffering any data issues and ease, well to make it easier for them to carry out the process. If you have found a conversion solution that delivers you all of this to you, then well and fine and if not, then this article is for you. It guides you to a conversion solution that provides you all of this and a lot more.

Right MBOX to PST Conversion Tool should have it all

If you ask anyone to define the right tool for MBOX to PST conversion, then the first three things that it should have are pretty much clear. Accuracy, Safety and Ease take that place. These are the main ingredients of any good conversion process.


You will be surprised to know finding all of these features together in a single conversion solution is as tough as the conversion process. Searching the internet for this right conversion solution will lead you on a never-ending search. If one tool has accuracy it wouldn’t have the other two or if it has any of the other features it would lack in some department or other. This makes the conversion process really frustrating without even starting with the data transfer.

Mail Extractor Pro: The Solution that Cures your MBOX to PST Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro is the conversion solution that will cure your frustration and your MBOX to PST conversion. This converter tool is the package that consists of all the generic features you are looking for.


mbox to pst conversion


This is not just it. It has not only the best versions of these generic features but also packs some rare and exclusive features that provides your conversion process with the lift it requires to move to the next level. The features of the tool are impeccable and have something for all the faces of your MBOX to PST conversion process. These features are:

Detailed Conversion of Everything:

The tool converts all of your data with utmost precision and accuracy. The algorithms that the tool supports helps you convert everything down to the attachments, images, calendar data, contacts etc. The tool even handles double byte character data present in the database files with ease. Thus, making your conversion process accurate and safe.


The interface of this tool is a bit different from what you normally find in a third-party converter tool. It is cleaner and intelligent in design. It is only the right thing for your conversion process, and anybody can make out what to do next. Plus, the tool provides a guide to help you with your MBOX to PST conversion as well. So, you can easily get the job done irrespective of experience or technical knowledge.


To convert MBOX to PST, get your free trial copy of the tool today and try out a lot more that the tool has to offer.