MakuluLinux Aero 10 - Beta Build 2.3


Hong Kong was SO HOT, the heat was almost unbearable most of the time, so i spent majority of my time in the hotel with air-con on working on Makulu....


After MANY HOURS and quite a few personal builds this week, here is changes since last uploaded build :

  • Fixed Auto login, it now correctly switches auto login if user ticks it in install options.
  • Completely new Login theme and manager. ( this theme needs to be tested on different resolutions )
  • Fixed Start-Menu size issues.
  • Added more functionality to top panel of File Browser, quite a few extra shortcuts exist now.
  • Replaced the SHIT gnome/cinnamon power management with Mate Power manager ( Untested, Please Test all power options ).
  • Implemented Hard Drive Disk management tools.
  • Added functionality for the btrfs file system
  • Added more functionality for the vmfs file system
  • Added check and sync TSC clocksource calibration at bootup
  • Added full ACPI support for notebooks
  • Added new Fonts ( Droid Fonts )
  • Added many more driver support
  • Added full Muffin support
  • Added GphotoFS ( filesystem to mount Digital Cameras )
  • Added Photopc (interface to Digital Still Cameras )
  • Added Iomega Zip/Jaz drive support, users can now mount and unmount these drives
  • Added policy kit to auto manage root verification on system
  • Added Dconf-Editor
  • Added Additional options to tooltips on folders and files, a lot more details now show.
  • Reworked the System task-bar info on bottom panel, it is much smoother now and also hosts more options.
  • Fixed issues with Mouse pointer not changing on manual login, it now correctly changes to selected mouse pointer.
  • Replaced Opera with Firefox ( I will customize firefox on next build )
  • Fixed Auto-mount, it now correctly mounts removable media, shows the icons on desktop and in bottom panel and pops up the file browser with storage unit opened. ( finally managed to get my hands on flash drives and Tested on 2 usb flash drives - Kingston and Sandisk, worked perfect on both ).
  • Added multiple scripts and checks for removable devices at bootup
  • Lots of other minor adjustments all over the place.

Next version to do :
If no major bugs are found in this release and power options work, I will start focusing next release on customizations, polishing, speed, custom scripts etc etc ...


I have added so Much functionality to this build that this is by FAR the best Makulu distro that ever existed, it supports so much more functionality than any previous builds and FAR more than i have ever seen in any distro anywhere ... My aim was not just a really pretty looking release ( which it is ), but a serious contender on any level against anything else it will encounter. None of this would have been possible on the old style i used for distro building, new way gives me so much more freedom and breathing space to improve where it matters, Makulu has now entered a new level of awesomeness... now if i can just fix one or two more little items it will be near perfect ...

Screenshots Below :


File Browser



Desktop : 



Login Screen :



Start Menu :



System Information :



Usb Removable Drive Pop-up on insert : 


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