Being a kitchen designer, I’m frequently contacted by publications to analyse new kitchen trends that have evolved. I love design ideas that are innovative, but the fact that these trends in your kitchen can make it look good only if it is as per the latest trends and not just being a copy-cat. It’s not at all necessary that your kitchen is trendy or is following the steps of fashion, but the fact is, it must be designed in such a way that it gives you a piece of mind.

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Your kitchen is the most important part of your home and thus one would never mind to spend a bit to make it look and perform better, for your permanent peace of mind. Because, once you do the renovation of your kitchen, you are free for at least 10 to 15 years.

When searching for some ideas to design your kitchen, you try to make use of the internet or media. And it is flooded with design ideas and trends for your kitchen designs. In this article, I am going to mention the trends that you must seriously avoid in luxury kitchen design.

The “Professional” looks:

Try to avoid a bit of professionalism in your kitchen. Don’t try to imitate your kitchen by taking inspiration from the cookery shows in TVs. A kitchen full of latest and greatest appliances in order to make it professional can seem to be quite irritating. 

To make your kitchen look classic, use premium quality kitchenware like china bowls, or use of stainless steel appliances. This can really make your kitchen look great with minimalistic designs because now a days, less is more.

I have personally seen people those who have remodeled their kitchen and spent every penny they had on appliances but they don’t even cook.  If you are designing your kitchen, then try to have some originality by giving it your special touch.

Appliance Stuffing:

Many people just have a wrong notion that, more and more appliances like, two refrigerators, two dishwashers, two ice makers, etc. will make the look of the kitchen look premium. This in reality is a very bad option.

If at all you have a large family and only one appliance won’t be sufficient to handle the needs, then try to invest more spacious kitchen. This is because; appliances take up lots of space making it clumsier.  

I have seen people those who want to have so many appliances that they are left with no space for cabinets.  Keep in mind what you need and what you will actually use.  Don’t fall in the trap of the magazines that focuses on having more and more appliances for a luxury kitchen.

Cabinet Finishing:

White is considered as a classic colour and it will always remain classic for years to come. Other wooden or the painted finishes can be a bit popular, but as we all know, trend is something that is not stand still. It keeps on changing and changing. At first glance, white coloured cabinets make look little bit boring to you, but in long term basis, it will keep on looking gorgeous and unique.

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Recently, stained cherry cabinets have been very trending in kitchen designing. But after the trend dies, it may look little bit foolish on the choices made in colouring the cabinets.

Thus, in my view point, these have to be taken into account when planning to luxury kitchen designs in Sydney. This well be trendy as well as simplistic. Because being simple is the everlasting trend in future.


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