“Life in Pieces” A Musical (Rock Opera)

By Thomas E. Zurinskas    11-12-12

(All rights reserved contact tzurinskas@yahoo.com)

This script is online at http://justpaste.it/lifeinpieces


To see the lyrics or hear the song demos “click” or “hold CNTL and click” on http links.


This is a musical play about several young people who transition through romance changes.  The dialogue and players are intentionally sketchy so they can be altered a bit to fit current times and players available.  All music and lyrics are by me. 


Duration of all 28 songs is approximately  1 hour 8 minutes.



Act 1     Setting – a bunch of guys in a room.


Show opens with a bunch of guys sitting around a TV.   The football games ends with Guy 1 exclaiming “Oh no, I’ve lost again”.   Others kid him about being a loser, games and gals. 

One guy.  “You’re so bad; If you bet on the sun coming up, I’d take odds against it. “

Guy 1 says he feels optimistic “One of these mornings I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna get lucky”.   


Guy 1 sings.

Song 1  -“One of These Mornings”    1:57 

Lyrics;         http://justpaste.it/oneofthesemornings                                       

Song demo;   http://picosong.com/wBKf  


Song ends with the guys deciding to play cards. 

One  guy says, “Speaking about getting lucky it’s time for poker.”  Then each starts kidding Guy 1 about how much he owes them and walk off leaving 2 guys on stage.



Act 2    Setting - two guys are left in room from song 1


Guy 1 asks Guy 2 How his love life was going.

Gut 2,  “Not so good.  I’m looking for one of those mornings myself, to turn things around.

“How about Barbara?”  “Oh she was a neatness nut.  She was so neat she put on rubber gloves to cook.  Brrrr.  (Some more jokes)

“How about Gina?”  She was too political… too much time demonstrating”  more joke on that.

How about Bonnie?  “Oh now you’ve hit a nerve.  If we’re talking games, that’s one game I really messed up in.”  


Guy 2 Sings.

Song 2  - “Pawns in a Most Peculiar Game”    3:01

Lyrics;        http://justpaste.it/pawnsinamostpeculiargame  

Song demo;  http://picosong.com/whzW



Act 3    Setting – room, third guy joins in


Guy 2 above asks Guy 3 who entered the room how his love life is going.   “Did you even start a love life, dude?”

Guy 3 says “I’ve finally found the right gal, but she doesn’t know it yet.  It’s not quite the right time to spring it on her.”

Guy 4 enters the room and asks “Why is that?”

Guy 3 “Things are a little too formal now.  You might say I need to move up in line”


Guy 3 sings

Song 3  “She Played Clarinet”    2:01

Lyrics;       http://justpaste.it/sheplayedclarinet

Song demo;   http://picosong.com/wBBJ


Act 4  -  Setting, room 2 guys leave one comes making 2 in room


Guy 4 says, “I can relate.  Things have to be just perfect, or close enough to it.” 

Guy 3 says, “You’re going with your perfect gal right now, aren’t you? Marsha right?

Guy 4 says, “Used to.  She dropped me.  But I’ve got her picture.  She’s just about the perfect girl.   I’d sure like to find another one like her.”  


Guy 4 sings (to the picture)

Song 4   “The Perfect Gal”   2:09

Lyrics ;       http://justpaste.it/theperfectgal

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wBKY



Act 5    Switch Setting – a few gals in a room


Discussion is about finding the right guy.  Includes banter like…

Gal – “I think the perfect guy would have a great car, great looks, and money.”

Gal -   “I’d like a considerate guy.  Not pushy.  Self confident.”

Gal –  “Who cares as long as he has money.”

Gal 1 says “But what about love at first sight.  My folks tell me it happened to them that way.  And maybe me too, because I think I’ve just seen the one I love.  He works at the grocery store.  We haven’t been introduced but he’s got the right look.  The right smile.  The right – I don’t know.”

Gal   “How do you know it’s him?

Gal 1 says “I’m not sure.  I can feel it.”   sings

 Gal 1 sings

Song 5    “Who’s in Love”   1:25

Lyrics:         http://justpaste.it/whosinlove

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wBKT


Gal:  Well, if you’re gonna spend the night at the picnic, you’d better pack a tent.

They leave saying “Let’s get ready for the picnic.”


Act 6    Picnic grounds   Gals and guys mingle


Banter about picking the blanket site.

Guy, ”How about we find a spot with no ants this time.”

Gal, “Yeah and no caterpillars falling out the trees.”

Guy, “Actually I liked the caterpillars.; the way they crawl up your leg.”

Gal 2 says, “My favorite bugs are butterflies and at night fireflies”

 Gal 2 sings.

Song 6   “Fire flies and butterflies”   1:49

Lyrics:   http://justpaste.it/firefliesandbutterflies

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wBKa



Act 7    Setting picnic  - guy and gal


Guy and Gal 3 talk about getting together


Gal 3,  “Do you think maybe someday we should live together?”

Guy, “Oh yes.  Definitely.  Why didn’t I think of that?  That would be great.  But where?  And how could we afford it?”

Gal 3, “Oh anywhere.  How about we pitch a tent beneath this willow.  Remember last time we were here, what we said.”


Gal 3 sings

Song 7   “Beneath the Willow”   3:23

Lyrics:            http://justpaste.it/beneaththewillow

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/whzb


Guy, “I remember it well.  Then the rains came.  We got drenched, and we didn’t even finish eating all the chicken.

Gal 3, “Speaking of chicken, are you hungry?  Guess what I’ve got.

Guy, “oh boy, chicken?”.



Act 8  Setting   picnic same as song 7   Same guy (guy 5) and gal as in song 7


Guy, “I remember last time we were here.  That was funny.”

Gal,  “What do mean, funny?”

Guy, “You know, when that thunder storm came up on us and we ran to the car.”

Gal,  “Oh that.  It was actually scary”


Guy 5 sings

Song 8   “Thunder Rolls”  3:55

Lyrincs:         http://justpaste.it/thunderrolls

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wAA6   


Hear thunder in the background.  “Not again.  Get the stuff.  For God’s sake get the chicken.” they say and run to the car.


Act 9    In another car, guy and gal


Guy 6 says to gal, “Wouldn’t it be great to just take off and start life together.”

Gal, “Let’s do it.  But it wouldn’t be right.”

Guy 6, “It would feel mighty right to me.”

Gal, “Think about it, the repercussions.  Our families would kill us.  And no wedding?”

Guy 6, “I know.  But sometimes I think we just need to do the things we need to do and forget about the rest.  I can picture it now.  We would leave in the morning to get a jump start.”


Guy 6 sings

Song 9   “To Do the Things We Must Do”

Lyrics:         http://justpaste.it/todothethingswemustdo

Song demo:    http://picosong.com/wAEA


She says, “It’s starting to rain.  Let’s get home.  We’ll talk about it at the dance tonight.  By the way did you just say that you love me?”

He says, “Huh”



Act 10    Setting the dance,  several people


Gals are gathered in one area of the floor and guys in another  Guy 7 goes over to talk to one of the gals.

He says, “Hi.”

She says, “Honey, can’t you see I’m talking here right now.  Why don’t you go over to the guys and talk about all that boring stuff that guy’s talk about.  OK?”

Guy 7 says, “I don’t like the way you talk to me in company sweetheart, what’s up?”

She says, “Nothing’s up.  Why does something have to be up all the time with you.

He says “that does it.”


Guy 7 sings

Song 10  “You Put Me Down”   3:20

Lyrics:    http://justpaste.it/youputmedown 

Song demo:    http://picosong.com/wAEd


Gal says, “OK, OK.”

Gal says to her girlfriends, “Lets go to the bathroom and freshen up – to get a bit fresher.  Don't you thin,gals, that we should get a little fresher?"

They agree and leave



Act 11    At the dance Ladies room


Gal says “You got your hands full with that guy, what an ego.”

Another gal.  “How long are you gonna put up with that”

Gal.  “Well he’s cute and very popular.  He’s a status symbol, you know what I mean?”

Another, “He’s had a lot of girlfriends before.  You know he mouths off a lot.  Brags.

Gal 4, “That’s a little too much for me.  I’m telling him off.  It’s over.”  


Gal 4 sings

Song 11   “Leading Your Parade”    2:05

Lyrics:       http://justpaste.it/leadingyourparade

Song demo   http://picosong.com/wBKr


Gals get a laugh about putting down macho men.  (Jokes here)

Saying jokes like “he’s so macho he makes his mommy serve extra milk with h is cookies.”  Like that.



Act 12     same setting as song 11


Gal 5 says “Yeah I’ve been where you are.   It’s like certain guys are prizes.  But then you get to know them.   Who needs that social mess.  That’s not love.”  Sings.


Gal 5 sings

Song 12   “I’ve Been Where You Are”    2:46

Lyrics:   http://justpaste.it/ivebeenwhereyouare

Song demo;    http://picosong.com/wBBA


Gal says, “Let’s go give the guys the cold shoulder.  They deserve it. “

Then gals say, “Yeah, except for mine.  Mine too.  Mine neither.”

Gal says, “I think some breakups are in order here, or not.”

Gals leave to go tell the guys off.  One gal remains.



Act 13    Scene    ladies room  one gal


Gal 6 (talks to mirror), “Something’s not right with my relationship, mirror.  He seems aloof.  Could it be me?    I’m the same as I ever was.  Didn’t you say he was mine?“


Gal 6 sings

Song 13   “Magic Mirror”    2:37

Lyrics:          http://justpaste.it/magicmirror

Song demo;    http://picosong.com/wBxj


Leaves and joins the gang at the dance and there’s plenty of argument going on.



Act 14    Setting dance with guy/gal speaking on the side


Gal and guy 8 have a discussion

She says, “You’re spending too much time traipsing around.”

He says, “Traipsing?  What’s traipsing?  It’s a dance, let’s mingle.”

She says “You can mingle all you want, I’m leaving.”


Guy 8  sings

Sng 14  “We’re Lost”     3:24

Lyrics:           http://justpaste.it/werelost

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wAEx


He leaves the dance.

They say “Where you going”

He replies.  “Going to find myself.”



Act 15     Outside the dance


Guy confronts gal and says it’s not happening for him

Guy says, “You gals have started something. It looks like it’s over between us.”  sings


Guy 9 sings

Song 15   “Good Love Gone Bad”   3:00     (as shortened)

Lyric:        http://justpaste.it/goodlovegonebad

Song demo:     http://picosong.com/whz8


Guy leaves but gal 7 remains



Act 16   Same scene as before (song 15)


Gal  7  says to guy who wants to break up.  “Look maybe we said a few non-choice things and you want to play the field awhile, but we shouldn’t actually break up, at least not all the way up.”


Gal 7 sings

Song 16   “Now I Know”    1:51

Lyrics:   http://justpaste.it/goodlovegonebad

Song demo:      http://picosong.com/wBBB


He says OK and leaves.   Gal 8 comes by.

Gal 7 turns to Gal 8 and says “He blows up every now and then but I think we’ll get back together.” 

Gal 8 says, “I wish that were the case with me.”  We aren’t getting along and I’m breaking up with him tonight at our usual restaurant.  I’ll try to make it easy on him.”



Act 17    setting - restaurant


She “It’s been great.  Did you like the food?”

He.(guy 10)  “The food wasn’t so good.  I’m not hungry.  I think I know what’s on your mind.  What’s up?”


Gal 8 sings

Song 17   “Favorite Table”    2:27

Lyrics;         http://justpaste.it/favoritetable

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wBzk


He says, “Wait a minute.  Stay with me tonight.  We’ll work it out.

She says, “OK.”



Act 18    Bedroom somewhere


Guy 10 wakes up to find her gone.  He looks around then sees note on the pillow.

Guy 10 reads note, “Oh no.  She’s gone.”


Gay 10 sings

Song 18   “I Saw the Sunrise”  3:12

Lyric:          http://justpaste.it/isawthesunrise

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/whzd



Act 19     Guys 10 and 11 over beers at bar


Guy 11,  “She left you in the night, heh.  Just like that.”

Guy 10, “Yeah just like that.”

Guy 11,   “Guess what.  I got the letter too; A classic breakup letter.  Not an email, or text.  A real handwritten letter.  Nice personal touch, right?”

 Guy 11 sings

Song 19   “She Wrote the Letter”   3:49

Lyrics:   http://justpaste.it/shewrotetheletter

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wAEE



Act 20    Gal in her room with 3 girlfriends.


Gal 9 tells her girlfriends, "He broke us up last night. but I think he still loves me.  I'm calling him."  She calls him on phone. 


Gal 9 sings

Song 20   “Have You No Compassion”     2:24

Lyrics:          http://justpaste.it/Haveyounocompassion

Song demo ;    http://picosong.com/wBBH


Girlfriend asks,  “Are you really crying.”

Gal 9 says, “No allergies.  Just allergies.  But I think he still loves me.”



Act 21   Same setting as song 19


Other galfriend Gal 10 says, “We broke up too, but it’s OK, I’m over it and I still like him as a friend.  This is what I told him.”


Gal 10 sings

Song 21   “Leave Me Some Pride”       1:52

Lyrics:          http://justpaste.it/leavemesomepride

Song demo:     http://picosong.com/wBZs



Act 22      Same setting as songs 19-20


Gal 11 says, “I told my guy when he’s through roaming around I’ll take him back.”   


Gal 11 sings

Song 22   “Come Home”      1:58

Lyrics:       http://justpaste.it/comehome

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wBZ3



Act 23       Back at the picnic grounds guy and gal.


Guy 12   Says “Remember this place?”

Gal, “Sure do, the old picnic ground.  I see the willow has grown quite a bit.”

Guy 12, “Remember the ants and catapillars?”

Gal, “ I especially remember the willow.  Not the best place to be in a thunder storm.”

Guy 12  “Wait here.  I’ll get you something.”

 Guy 12 sings

Song 23   “Picking Flowers for Bonnie”     1:09

Lyrics:         http://justpaste.it/pickingflowersforBonnie

Song demo:    http://picosong.com/wZRB



Act 24     Setting same as song 22


Gal 12 says, “Thank you sweetheart.  I love your little gifts.”  

 Gal 12 sings

Song 24   “Little Gifts”   3:00

Lyrics:         http://justpaste.it/littlegifts

Song demo:    http://picosong.com/wBZR



Act 25    Setting same as 22


Guy says, “It’s great to take a break out in nature.  We have great memories here.  You’re as sweet as nature itself.”

 Guy 13 sings

Song 25   “You Are the Sun”    2:15

Lyrics:        http://justpaste.it/youarethesun

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wAEt



Act 26      Setting  home in a child’s bedroom


Mother tucks in her child

Gal 13 says, “Let’s see how my little guy is doing.”  Sings about their child, a little boy.

 Gal 13 sings

Song 26   “Pride and joy”    2:30

Lyrics:    http://justpaste.it/prideandjoy

Song demo:    http://picosong.com/wBZS



Act 27    Setting outside child’s room,   Guy with wife


Guy, “I think things turned out OK for us after all.”

Gal 13, “Me too.  Why do you say that?”

Guy, “I was wondering why you picked me, but I think you made a wise choice.”

Gal  13, “And why do you say THAT?”

Guy.  “Because I’m gonna stick with you.  Just like we promised.

Gal 13, “Me too.”

 Guy 14 sings about pledging forever.

 Song 27   “Perished”    3:36

Lyrics;         http://justpaste.it/perished

Song demo:   http://picosong.com/wBZV



Act 28     Medley  whole cast


End with cast singing new lyrics to the tune

Song 28   “You Put Me Down”

“Yeah life goes up, down, and it goes round and round”

 Alternating with tune of "Good Love Gone Bad" with lyrics

"Be true to one another to sister and to brother Oh trust in love".

“Ah,  Trust in love”



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