"My reply to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)"


Thank you for your email, I have read all the attached articles and I am also aware of what has been said throughout the media and I have noted some interesting points;

1. In an article attached to a formalized email, with legal based content, I would appreciate that the article not contain quotation marks of statements I clearly did not say.

2. Interestingly I have learnt that the people who mean the least when you are there, suddenly mean the most when you are not.

3. This “recruitment camp” that the media continues to refer to was a fishing trip to Cape York with friends from Adelaide of 10 years, which consisted of 2 truckies with their wives, and a male nurse….all non-Muslim Caucasian Australians…..many photos of big fish and beautiful beaches to go with it…..I don’t think even they knew they were “expert recruiters”

4. I made a very well educated and calculated decision to come here, it did not involve any brain washing. Since being here I have seen that it is in no way as described by the colorful Australian politicians “murdering and raping everyone in their way”….”death cult”. The only death that I have had to deal with since being here has been from either pathology or coalition drone strikes. Running the pediatric component of the casualties, my favorite time was telling the mum of a 6 year old girl that the fact that her brains were on her face meant that she was dead. To answer her screams of why their house……I really had no answer…. Interestingly the 2 drone strikes that have occurred since I have been here have not claimed the life of a single male, let alone a solider…..good work “Team Australia”!!....from what I’ve seen you have more blood on your hands that ISIS has on their knives…

5. If you truly have concerns of “womanizing” or “alcoholic” behaviors, maybe you should look into every Australian medical school, starting with the yearly AMSA conventions. Interesting hospital admissions of the Adelaide convention in 2007 (which had a budget of over $300,000…money well spent considering people are still starving to death in parts of the world) was a female student with toxic gonococcal pharyngitis, and several admissions with acute alcohol induced hepatitis… I'm sure they all enjoyed getting their stomachs’ pumped!....or maybe the Adelaide group of male medical students who printed jumpers titled “super rooters”…whereby having sex with people from every state within the week gained them entry…

6. I have come here as there are locals suffering from normal medical conditions despite being surrounded by war, with an overt lack of qualified medical care. Is it not my humanitarian duty to help these children also?!...or only kids with white skin and blue passports?!...I have no input or responsibility over the political or military actions of the state, if they are correct I wish them progression, if they are not, this is between them and God.

7. I formally deny that I have ever taken part in unprofessional conduct which would have jeopardized my doctor-patient relationship.

8. I never intend to return to Australia, I have finally returned home.

Kind regards,
Dr. Tareq Kamleh (Abu Yousef Al-Australie)


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