All lies by Kurdish Media HIGHLIGHTED

compiled by many brothers

-Will be updated regularly-

Following were some claims of Kurdish media activists of their Kurdish soldier operations

and other related activity, but were promptly refuted by authentic sources.




DATE: August 5, 2014

CLAIM: Peshmarga reportedly captures Sinjar(in Iraq), and presents a photo


REFUTATION:  Aug. 5 - Peshmerga have "liberated" Sinjar, but only according to Photoshop. The Original picture is from Egypt.

kdhswqxw_small.pngThe red highlights show the Photoshop. The original picture from Egypt is below.



DATE: Aug 3, 2014

CLAIM: Kurds report picture is of Peshmarga capturing soldiers of the Islamic State.






Aug. 3@Mashae dude, this is embarrassing. do you ever post anything authentic? this pic is from May 2008 




DATE: July 10, 2014


CLAIM: Apparently Turkish ambulances were picking up ISIS 'terrorists' from Syria-Turkish border

REFUTATION: originally by @ShamiWitness




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