Actually if you read most of these comments carefully you'll be able to get to this point on your own. But to answer some of the lingering problems people have (also repeating some things said already):

After you get the key from her hand during the 'fourth' sex scene (the penis/vaginal penetration one, not sure if you have to do it twice to get it, the button with the character will change whether you cum in or out of her), and use it on the door outside, and then open the cabinet. You should see something that wants you to subtract the bathroom number code (2547) from the box number code (6280). This will give you 3733. You can then enter this code in the main menu down the bottom to automatically get all the sex scenes + the ball as a toy.

You can use the starch + water + wine mixture on the girl in the 'sixth' scene (ie. the ass fucking with toys one) to make her asshole huge, so you can stuff virtually all the objects up it. Also, the vibrator (with batteries) can seemingly be used in the 'third' scene (which I think is a panty rubbing one), but I'm not sure exactly what it does. Someone else might.

Box number code is 6280 because if using eraser on picture above will show 2 under the second symbol. You should see that the lines will only intersect once in this symbol. Multiplying by 2 gives 2. The first image the lines cross 3 times (ie. 6), the third image 2 times (ie. 4), and the last image has no intersections (so 0). So you get 6280.

The W = Y .etc clue the answer is P (which you print on the non-number keypad). I got the answer from other people here, and the only way I can work out how you could get P is this: W = Y , so Y is 2 characters ahead of W. S = E + N = ? If you turn E and N into numbers based on the alphabet they become 5 and 14. So added together you get 19, which is 2 more than the number you would get from S (ie. 17). Following this same logic you take the character two ahead of N, and you get P. While this method seems to work, it seems way too ambiguous to be a good puzzle, so either the game sucks, or I didn't get to the answer properly.

Bottom drawer code is 13 30 40. You get 13 from the angel statue on the drawer, and 30 and 40 from the hands of the clock above. No idea why in this order though.

Bathroom code is 2547, which is self explanatory from the slip of paper you find in the rubbish bin (originally I got confused thinking it was 2347, so don't do what I did!).

That's about all I can think of covering. There's still a few mysteries. As mentioned by someone, there is a reflection under the pictures of the keypads, that seems to represent 2011 (I think), which would maybe just mean the game was made in 2011, and nothing more, but who knows. The biggest mystery for me by far though is what the S under the toilet seat and M on the side of the refrigerator are supposed to mean. Can't find any purpose for them.

For those interested it seems like GoD just ripped this game off the original Japanese maker who is selling it (follow the website in the main menu). I sure as hell would never pay for this game, but just mentioning it if anyone was wondering. It has a fun concept, but I believe there are similar games on the internet, which are a lot better, in English (thank goodness), although without the hentai (which is probably a good thing, since the hentai scenes are just plain irritating in this game).

Anyway, hope this helps out someone, but given the game has no real ending (from what I can tell), I don't recommend anyone play this game. Of course by the time you read this it'll already be too late.

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