Pregnancy Miracle Review-Physical degeneration during pregnancy


Physical degeneration during pregnancy and childbirth in a bit of stress for mom,the delicacy of the doctors is poor, while the woman is ready to upset any of the phrases about her appearance. Guilt caused remarks on excess weight and even that kid grows Fortress.
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It is also important that pregnancy creates a special feeling of wholeness of body expectant mother. Any intrusion into it (the fence analyzes) is perceived as a hostile act. The same applies to birth.

Anxiety about the disclosure of the body leads to fear breaks.During pregnancy and the first postpartum women and anxiety comes from the level of sexual desire for her partner, fear of his infidelity. Some libido during pregnancy increases, for others it is transformed into account the child.

It is especially hard to feel like women who have had a miscarriage. Sex they perceive as a threat.Significant, even in the development of modern medicine, there is the fear of death in childbirth. The nature of this fear is understandable especially in the first birth, when a woman is initiated.
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 A new role requires partial withering away of the former. There is fear of parting with something in itself, experienced a symbolic death rebirth women mom difficult to occur in those families in which the pending shares feelings. Woman hides their fears, guilt and many other emotions, wanting to sound stronger and more positive.

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