The Turkish army in the care of the Khalifa. 

This incident showed most of that people’s errors so subhan Allah. It proved the lies of their Shariis in front of all. They said that the shrine does not contain a grave and that Baghdadi sent a delegation to it and they found that it was not a shrine. 

It proved that the takfeer they have is a political takfeer, meaning that they make takfeer on those who oppose them to make their blood permissible and not to aid the religion of Allah. They made takfeer on groups and its soldiers for less than this. The takfeer on those groups were to justify fighting them in order to attain power and government. 

After this incident they said that the State has no energy with which to fight the Turkish army. It must instead be considered neutral even if it came at the expense of the religion and monotheism. And here also it becomes clear that they play with the religion of Allah so that it fits their whims and lusts. You brought countries larger that Turkey to the fight and you did not care about what the learned and shuyuk said who called for them to be considered neutral. You said they were deviant and were afraid of the crusaders. 

Did you not bring the US to the fight when you slaughtered its citizen?

And it does not have a polytheistic grave in your lands.

Did you not bring Egypt to the Libyan fight by slaughtering poor Coptic workers?

Your goal from this was that it would be said: the US and its allies has gathered against the State and to take pride in this. You did not consider the benefit of the Muslims and that airplanes would bomb them and that the conflict would be prolonged. 

Yesterday you said that you got rid of the Sykes-Picot borders and this was the reason Baghdadi refused his emir’s orders. But today there is no problem to make it an excuse for protecting a polytheistic grave. 

Was not accepting the Sykes-Picot borders in the judgement of Emir Al-Zawahri more deserving than accepting them in protecting a polytheistic grave?

So contemplate may Allah preserve you:

That all that propaganda the State conducted was for its worldly benefit in attaining governance and power and nothing else. A look at the judgements the State plays with and uses wherever and however it wants. But subhan Allah who exposed them in front of all people and made those who used to brag that they were following the truth and not following men, it made them look for excuses


The orginal text: http://justpaste.it/jkkf

Translated by @ibnulislaaam