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A Meeting with a Nigerian Mujahid

In the name of Allah and may Blessings and Peace be upon the most noble of Prophets and Messengers.

As to what follows,

In light of media disinformation which the Mujahidin are subjected to in the land which is called 'Nigeria' and in conjunction with the fierce campaign which is waged against them by the apostates in support of the Western Crusaders, and what the Jihadi scene suffers from in regards to weakness of media, necessity of knowledge and bridging the gap between the Mujahideen and their Ummah, we decided to conduct this meeting with the brother Abū Sumayyah from Jamāʿatu Ahlus-Sunnah lid-Daʿwah wal-Jihād (JASDJ).

Here is the first part -

Might you be so kind as to tell us about yourself?

- I am your brother Abū Sumayyah the Nigerian from Jamāʿatu Ahlus-Sunnah lid-Daʿwah wal-Jihād

Why do they call you 'Boko Haram'?

- The Nigerian government and those who oppose our manhaj are the ones who called us by this name, and it is not the name of our movement which is Jamāʿatu Ahlus-Sunnah lid-Daʿwah wal-Jihād

So why did they call you by this name?

- They called us by this name because we forbid studying in the Christian missionary schools which are found in our country because in them are things which nullify one's Islam as well as other matters which are contrary to our Islamic values and culture, as well as the destruction of the foundations of the Religion.

Give us some examples of what you have mentioned

- They teach the Muslim children Darwin's law and that the origin of mankind is from monkeys, and that there is no Hereafter nor divine Judgment,  and that if a man dies his soul is transferred to another body, and they teach them to revere the cross and to take part in Christian religious performances which is mixed with interaction of the sexes among the young boys and girls and the spread of immorality among them, and so we forbid anyone to study at such schools.

And are the girls that you have taken from those schools?

- Yes, and they are Christians

What is the goal of taking the girls from those schools?

- We have thousands of wives and daughters who the government has subjected to abuse regarding their honour and their bodies yet none asks about them, we therefore want to rescue them from this

Let us return to the beginning, who founded the group?

- The Shaykh Muḥammad Yūsuf, may Allah have Mercy upon him

Tell us about his story

- He is the Shaykh Muḥammad bin Yūsuf from the Borno tribe, he was married and had 4 wives and 21 children, he was killed at age 40. He grew up and was raised in Islamic schools and he studied at the hands of elite Nigerian scholars in Maiduguri, the likes of Shaykh Aba Aji, Koni Kabza and Shaykh Jaʿafar (may Allah have Mercy upon him) who he studied Tafsīr with as well as other well-known scholars, and he did not sit upon the chair of teaching until his shuyūkh approved of his religious character, his knowledge and his competence to be able to teach.

It is said that Shaykh Muḥammad bin Yusuf was a Shi'ite and then later became a Sunni

- These are lies and baseless rumours made by his opponents from the Islamic groups, but they know perfectly well that he was raised and grew up in Nigeria and he never left it except on once occasion for Ḥajj and ʿUmrah and then he returned directly. There is no Shi'ism in the Borno tribe and his shuyūkh know him and know his ʿAqīdah

What is his manhaj and his ʿAqidah?

- He was upon the ʿAqīdah and manhaj of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamāʿah and the understanding of the Salaf in word, deed and belief. It was for this reason that he named his group Jamāʿatu Ahlus-Sunnah lid-Da'wah wal-Jihād (the group of Ahlus-Sunnah for preaching and Jihad) and he wrote a book and he called it 'This is our ʿAqīdah' in which he clarified the foundations of his ʿAqīdah and manhaj, and if we have the chance we shall introduce it to you in our next meeting inshā'Allāh

Some of the people accuse you of being Khawārij

- We are not Khawārij, we disassociate ourselves before Allah from the manhaj of the Khawārij, and we do not make takfīr of any Muslim for committing major sins unless he declares it to be Ḥalāl (Permissible) or denies a known necessary matter of the Religion with the establishment of the proof and the absence of any hindrance, or if he were to commit one of the nullifiers of Islam which the Muslim scholars have written about, conscious of what the scholars have stipulated regarding individual takfīr with the establishment of proof and the absence of hindrance

What is the group's stance regarding Democracy and the legislative assemblies which legislate laws that oppose Islamic teachings?

- These are nullifiers of Islam and we view them as disbelief in Allah the Almighty, for the meaning of Democracy is rule of the people, and Allah the Almighty said "The rule belongs to none but Allah"

What is the group's stance regarding the United Nations and its charters and its offices such as the World Bank and the International Court?

- We disassociate ourselves before Allah from them and we see (participation in them) as being from the nullifiers of Islam

What did Shaykh Muḥammad bin Yūsuf seek in his daʿwah?

- He sought to shape the Muslims religiously, in theology, in knowledge and militarily so as to be prepared to establish the necessary da'wah and jihad in the Path of Allah to make supreme the Word of Allah and the rule of the Sharīʿah of Allah on Earth

Why did the government kill him?

- Because they sensed the seriousness of his da'wah and that with his teaching of the Religion he was gathering weapons and was preparing the Muslim children for Jihad and to fight against heresy, evil acts, sorcery and those who practice it, so his opponents gathered against him and persuaded the government to kill him, and he was jailed several times and they offered him incentives in order to abandon calling for the Sharīʿah and establishing an Islamic State, but he refused and so they became determined to kill him

Is the Jihad currently waged by the group for revenge of the killing of your Shaykh or is it for the establishment of the rule of Sharīʿah?

- We were already preparing for Jihad and we estimated that a period of 3 years would be needed to prepare the Muslims for Jihad, but Allah willed for us to hasten the announcement of Jihad after a period of 7 years, upon the killing of the Shaykh and the deaths of most of our scholars and students of knowledge, and so we saw that the daʿwah program should stop and that we had no way except to announce the Jihad and so we gathered ourselves together under Shaykh Abū Bakr Shekau may Allah protect him

Is the group ready to enter into negotiations with the government in order to stop the Jihad?

- No, only if they embrace Islam and rule by the Sharīʿah of Islam. It is this or we die fighting for it.

It is here that we end the first part of the meeting, wait for us in the second part of the interview inshā'Allāh

Wassalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah

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