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I never discovered that I had been a veterinarian. Yes, something in my profession saddens me, for instance, the inability to save the pet something my pets don't enjoy when I come from work, and my tongue no longer turns and I can not answer inquiries. Butapparently, I have an inexhaustible desire to help individuals, animals, and I am glad that I was able to realize myself . I'm glad that I knew precisely where to go after 11th level, because not everyone can know it in 17. It was difficult to research, but I could do 6 years at the Faculty of Bioengineering and Chemical Medicine.

 I think the most essential quality of a veterinarian is his boundless and absolute love for animals. Well, then decency, courage, ability to respond quickly, to create fast investigations, and, obviously, stress immunity.

 Hello, my name is Jane Lapointe, I'm 35 years old, I am employed as a doctor-veterinarian at a private clinicI also run my site, write articles for your website about critters https://petexperta.com/.  My experience and knowledge about the care and upkeep of pets is presented in posts, for example,"How to choose the best nail clipper: figurines or grinders","The best way to sharpen a dog clipper?" ,"The way to place a cat harness on?" And lots of more.

   I really like animals, I like to see if they are fun, full of energy and strength. That is the reason why I decided to devote my entire life using veterinary medicine and become a very good doctor. I didn't know what kind of problems I would face, therefore my mom told me to take books out of the library. I think any 11th-grader who chose to dedicate himself to creatures should read all of the novels by the nation doctor James Harriot and zoologist Gerald Darrell. I grew up on these books, and I see these more than once. Here is the very first step to understand if you're fit for this profession. As a child we had a large dog, and abruptly he expired. It was a terrific shock for me personally, since Snoopy was not ill. My mother said that he died of a cardiovascular disease. And then I thought for the first time that Snoopy could not say he had something painful, and when he had been examined by a physician he would definitely discover the reason for his illness. And that is when I decided that I need to deal with animals. And my mother never had creatures anymore.