I've no fondness for Hagee and his misguided Zionism.
He supports the Sabbatean Synagogue of Satan and its
Rothschild project for a Kingdom of Antichrist without
even knowing it. His separate salvation for Jews is
false theology on its face. Jesus is King of the Jews
and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He said himself
that "salvation is of the Jews" not separate from them.

Nonetheless: Rapture cannot be dismissed by showboating
Hagee or Darby. You cannot accuse Texe Marrs of coddling
Jews. Read his report.

Texe is corroborated. Doc Marquis confirms the occult
awaits the Rapture to implement its Plan. Doc says on air
that it can and will cover up the Rapture.

Fatal "Left Behind" travel chaos is not of God.
That's just a bad novel. God can take His own in sleep.
I marvel that people use an entertainment product to
dispute Rapture theology.

I suggest a YouTube search for Rapture visions.
Many come from innocent children. One little girl was
in Korea.

What Did Ancient Church Fathers Believe About The Rapture?


What we really must expose isn't Hagee, very easy
to nail, but subtle deceptions on their way per Doc Marquis;
a kind suffient to deceive "the very elect."