iPhone 7 will use AI to take better photos

Artificial intelligence

Apple is one of the few tech giants who still doesn’t have an artificial intelligence team. However, their gadgets are still packed with artificial intelligence technology. The most recent example is the new iPhone 7 which was just announced this week. Early on, Apple dominated the smartphone market when it came to the quality of the built-in camera but in recent years, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers have surpassed Apple in this department. Hoping to regain some ground on competitors, Apple has announced that the next version of the iPhone will have the best camera yet, and they’re using artificial intelligence to achieve it.

How it works

The new and improved built-in camera will use an image signal processor (ISP) that is enhanced with machine learning software. The AI-powered ISP will be capable of performing up to 100 billion operations in 25 milliseconds which is incredibly fast. What it will do is learn to recognize what the subject of a photo is and where the subject is in relation to the background of the photo. With this information, the camera can automatically adjust the focus and aperture of the camera to get the perfect shot.

Smartphone cameras are notoriously bad at creating the artistic blurred effect called bokeh in the photography industry, something DSLR cameras can do with relative ease. Apple’s AI powered ISP will change that by making it much easier to create such effects.

The challenge for Apple was to create machine learning software that would allow the camera to recognize the subject in a photograph. It’s very difficult for machines to recognize subjects in a photograph because they do not “see” photographs as a human does. They see a photo as a series of numerical values as it pertains to color. Apple had to “feed” their software many examples of all kinds of different photographs to train it to use those numerical values to figure out what the subject in the photograph was. The result is a camera that’s smart enough to know what it’s taking a picture of and make the necessary adjustments to capture the best photograph.

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Source: theverge .com/2016/9/8/12839838/apple-iphone-7-plus-ai-machine-learning-bokeh-photography