Ingrown Pubic Hair - 6 Basic and Essential Tips You Need to Know

#1 Treatment ingrown pubic hair especially along bikini line, using a hot compress against ingrown spots at least 10 minutes thrice daily for the purpose of soften the skin and improve the hair purposely.

#2 To avoid friction, it is recommended loose-fitting underwear and clothing to be worn.

#3 It is a good practice to exfoliate the location prior waxing. During this process, certain quantity of top layer dead skin cells that has the effect of trapping the hairs will be removed. Exfoliating treatment not limited to lotions, creams or body gels, a soft-type of washcloth or glove is used for this exfoliation purpose. It can be purchased at the beauty service counter or salon at your city.

#4 It is not advisable to exfoliate the skin further to avoid skin irritation if there is a ingrown pubic hair.

#5 Whenever performing the waxing process, make sure the roots of hairs to be pulled out completely. It is a wrong practice to allow the hair to be broken below the skin surface.

#6 Utilize Ingrown Hair Treatment correctly, it is no only to prevent pubic ingrown hair but also to get rid of existing ingrown hair within days. The process is easy to use and easy to apply.


Author: Irene Chew