Star Wars Trivia - ELIZABETH to E of Moons

Encouraged towards the number of Star Wars articles' next payment. This next post may listing the moons and asteroids in the highly-acclaimed Star Wars tale (from ELIZABETH to E).


Ebaq 9

Located in the deep-core of the universe that is recognized, Ebaq 9 may be the ninth moon towards the gasoline world Ebaq that is giant. Ebaq 9 was utilized by the Brand New Republic from the Fresh Republic within the fight of Ebaq 9 like a base.

Woodland Moon of Endor

House the woodland moon of Endor showcased seriously in Star Wars Episode VI, towards the Ewoks: Return of the Jedi. Occasionally merely known as the moon Endor and its own residents performed a component within the Civil War. In Event VI the Insurgent Coalitionis destruction of the Next Dying Celebrity occurred in the orbit of Endor.


Bogden. It it is frequently vulnerable to large rainfall and thickĀ game of war android hack haze and is an extremely dim nation. This really is very a environment regarding Kohlma as across big areas of its area, you'll uncover shrines and numerous tombs of sufferers in the cataclysmic battle of numerous years back. The Gora conspiracy that was savage when named Kohlma house.



Concealing spot to the sentient species Qorribu is orbited by Kr. The moon includes a quilt of gasoline that provides a great hiding spot for that Gorogs


The earth Kothis are orbited by Kethor. It's accountable for the manufacturing of warships and the practitioners. The Kothis Architectural Organization (KEC) supplies a ferryboat between Kothis and Kethor to provide the deliver manufacturers for their workplace.


One of the system's moons, the landscape of Gerrard V contains yellowish and inexperienced oceans and wealthy reddish deserts and streams.