Ideas for covering up your living room TV


Having a TV in the living room is a double edged sword because it is usually the place you want to gather with your family for movie night, but it can be a big eyesore to have the TV on the wall. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. There are many different types of ways you can cover it up like baseboard radiator heater covers snap over baseboards, or you can choose to display it instead. Here are some ideas of how to cover up your living room TV.

Cabinetry to hide it

If you have some nice built-in cabinets on your wall, sometimes, putting the TV behind cabinet doors makes it appear as if there isn’t a TV in the room, but all you have to do to get to it is open some doors. It is also nice to have built-in cabinetry around it to hold all of your other electronics, such as DVD players, gaming platforms, and DVDs. Some people won’t have a completely built-in set of cabinets to hide the TV but will instead put some type of cover over the TV portion on the wall. Using cabinetry is a good way to keep your TV out of view.

Frame it

While putting a frame around your TV won’t actually hide it from view, it can make it more appealing to the eye and help it blend in with the decor of your space. With this approach, you can choose any type of frame you like in any color that you like, so it makes your TV seem more like a centerpiece of the room as opposed to attempting to hide it from view.

There are some people who, in these situations will end up putting an actual picture in the frame and then use that to cover the TV. Then, you just lift the frame up or slide it to the side in order to watch your shows.

Barn door covers

Some people really like the look of barn doors, and as a bonus, they are super easy to slide out of the way when you are ready to watch a show. Putting barn doors in front of your television is a good way to disguise it. In this type of situation, you will want to get a TV as thin as possible in order to ensure the barn doors aren’t hanging out too far from the wall.

Glass mirror covers

Mirrors are a very popular type of decoration for your home, so cabinet type situation with mirrors on the front may blend in so well with your decor that people won’t even guess there is a TV in it. A nice one can be put on the wall by itself, or you can use it as the centerpiece of a gallery-wall. It will look beautiful but give you the functionality you want from a TV in the room.

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