Human and civilization

Who are we? How do we function? What mechanisms go under at the foot of a human civilization?



Sometimes while reading biographies of so called influental people, a conclusion blips through my mind that the key to succes is to skilfully manipulate other people, whether you have good or bad intentions.


I'm not judging anything here, I'm just intrigued by the exact fact that a human being in fact has to be manipulative in order to survive = achieve succes.




Consider this: why some people are liked and popular (achieve succes) and some other are not?

It is so because these liked know how to deal with people, understand and feel the undergoing mechanisms.
In other words, this homo sapiens can provide a better position in society for himself through appropiate decisions, behaviour and communication. Anything weird? Nope. Everybody wants to live better, have more. 




Human nature is diagrammatic. Intriguing. I have that feeling that our civilization is something close to an organised chaos. As an example, I'd like to pick decisions made by every single human every day on our planet. Most things we do, we do automatically: driving a car, washing the dishes, saying 'Hi!' - 'Hi!'. 




Furthermore, while being under an influence of other people, e.g parents, friends, idols, indoctrinators etc. we form ourselves and see the world through this thin prism. We are a reflection of what culture and time we live by. Isn't that single process, multilpied through the number of Earth's population, shaping the path which the civilization is going through? 




We, as a group, don't think at all. We travel to an unknown direction, certainly incapacitated. Even if we think we are independent-minded from each other, as a matter of fact every single human is only a small piece of totality, whom a dominant goal is to maintain its existence, whether we want it or not. Sure, a sapient human will stay as a sapient human. We are not monkeys nor dolphinos. We are one in a kind. However, if we'd classify our human rase as a compilation: we could metaphorically compare ourselves to some small puzzles, which don't even know that they're creating something bigger together:



What meaning do we have to each other?


Maybe, that'll sound severe, but we are comparable to a herd of animals which don't even know where they're directing to. Of course, I am aware of human intelligence, emotions and spirituality, because I'm culturally scarred,
I was born exactly on this planet, live in an exact place and time.



On the other hand, isn't that terrifying?




Human civilization runs in this organised mess, there is no knowing where to.



Whether we are on a right or wrong path: what actually could we do about that?



It seems like we do not have so much power around this place as we could think.





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