How Should I Cope with Changes in Life?

Everyday we deal with many changes that directly or indirectly affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Whether it is in our thoughts or actions, we simply can’t ignore the fact that we have to make constant changes to better adapt to our environment, and ultimately make the most of every given situation.    


Changes can be viewed as short term or long term adjustment made to improve a situation or to achieve certain predetermined goals. As much as we want to embrace changes with a positive attitude, but changes could also be seen as something threatening and unpleasant. Whichever angle you look at changes, a good understanding of any situation will keep your mind objective to undertake changes in the most positive outlook.    


Changes come in various forms. The most essential changes take place in our everyday lives such as in the area of decision making, career development, family planning, health care and so on. These changes are within our control as we can determine the outcome by choosing the desired course of actions amongst all other alternatives to a situation. For example, a young lady who wants to excel in her career must choose actions that will help her further develop her career skills. In choosing the right thing to do, she must first identify her strengths and weaknesses, and then decide upon the area of improvements that will eventually pave her corporate ladder in years to come.      


On the other hand, there are many changes which are unpredictable and unexpected. These are changes which occur when we are not ready to make a shift from our comfort zone. Usually, such changes are called for in times of a crisis or turn of event that could affect our lives or the lives of our loved ones drastically. If the situation is left unattended, the consequences could be detrimental to all involved. For example, if one of our aged parents passed away due to a sudden heart attack, we have to help the other parent to cope with the grief period. If proper care is not given immediately, the surviving parent may face serious health problems.


Naturally, changes which are within our control are more likely to be accepted; while changes that are beyond our control will demand greater courage and boldness in us. How then are we to cope with changes in life? What could be done to make changes more acceptable and pleasant?


I have devised a simple yet effective method in which the process of change is made possible when applied overtime. I called this method “I Can!” An acronym that represent the 4-steps process of producing a change: Identify-Create-Assess-Never Give Up!


The first step, “Identify”, is a crucial step where you identify the situation at hand from all perspectives. This is when questions are raised to gain better understanding of the situation, such as: Who is affected? Why is this happening? and so forth.


The second step, “Create”, is when you explore alternatives to cope with the situation you are facing. After weighing the pros and cons of the alternatives, you must create the course of actions – changes – which you are ready to commit.


The third step, “Assess”, is a time where you assess the effectiveness of the actions which you have taken earlier. This step is important to see if your changes are working towards solving the situation or not. If the results are undesirable, you must then evaluate the factors that contributed to the results and find ways to solve it.


Lastly, you must “Never Give Up” no matter how great the challenges and difficulties you faced when coping with the various changes in your life. Remember that you have started the race and must aim to reach the finishing line. Everyone is cheering for you; your parents, spouse, siblings, children and friends. It is not how fast you run but how well you finish! They want to see you win and succeed.


A change indeed is an imperative part of growth for everyone. Despite all the hardship we had to face when bringing about a change, all your effort will be well paid off when your goals are achieved, and faith strengthened; ready to face with greater wave of changes in life.