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Small group communication - Essay Example

The movie involved a group of employees who apparently lost their pension to a scheme conceived by a businessman tenant, Alan Alda (Arthur Shaw), of the building where they are employed. The group is initially composed of Ben Stiller (Josh), Casey Affleck (Charlie) and Michael Pena (Enrique). They sought the help of a criminal, Eddie Murphy (Slide), a businessman who went bankrupt, Matthew Broderick (Mr. Fitzhugh), and a female employee Gabourey Sidibe (Odessa), to steal the money that they perceived was hidden in the apartment unit of Shaw.

The effective group decision making that was exhibited in the movie are as follows: (1) the conceptualization stage where problem identification was initiated and where a proposed solution was conceived; (2) group formation stage where members of the group were carefully selected according to the roles and responsibilities that would be undertaken; (3) holding group meetings to clearly establish the plan of action, strategies, and designation of tasks; (4) cohesive participation and collaboration of members to successfully implement the designed plan; and (5) effective leadership style and accountability to actions that were undertaken (Rothwell).

On the other hand, the ineffective decision making activities include: (1) lack of trust which contributed to one or two members to deviate from the plan; (2) lack of research to accurately validate assumptions (the members thought that the stolen money was hidden in a concealed vault); (3) inability to prepare for events which were unplanned but could potentially happen; and (4) tendencies for manifesting group think (Rothwell).

The ineffective decision making processes noted above were clear indications of weaknesses in unified thinking, lack of trust in each members’ capabilities to do the tasks delegated and assigned, as well as an aspect of close-mindedness. According to