Heavy Burden of Student Life

An essay is a brief literary composition belonging to a particular theme or subject. They express your personal point of view while discussing and explaining a subject. Essay writing has been considered a difficult assignment, so the majority of students often declare, “I hate writing essays!” Students believe that essay writing is one of the most terrible parts of getting the academic experience.

All the way through their lives, students have been given a diversity of essays by their teachers. Even those teachers who teach non-English subjects are taking part in the essay writing epidemic. “I hate writing essays!” “I am fed up with it!” These are the common replies stated by students. Almost certain, they have to create various written assignments on 24/7 basis, so it is not surprising that the answer to your question about peculiarities of student life and their plans is “I hate writing! I hate studying! I wish to graduate as soon as possible!”
Truly speaking, each student does not enjoy writing an essay or any other kind of written assignment. Every time one becomes assigned, you will hear countless pleas and groans to God in the class. It is obvious that not merely do students not adore creating essays, but they fright them. Perhaps, students hate writing essays because they are over-acquainted with them.
One thing, which particularly upsets students about essay writing, is that during many years, the essay assignments not seem to be given more often, but our teachers are demanding them to be much longer!